Friday, 3 April 2015

I Was Here - Book Review

Hey Guys!

I hope you are enjoying me posting everyday for the Ultimate Blog Challenge! It's been hard but I am really enjoying it!

Today I have another book review for you and today it is a book called I Was Here by Gayle Forman. I discovered Gayle Forman back in 2014 when her book If I Stay was made into a movie. I recommend both the book and the movie by the way!

One thing I can tell you about I Was Here is that it is definitely in my top 3 of books I have read so far into 2015 so here is my review.

First off  I just want to talk about how pretty the UK cover is. I love all of the different pictures and how it looks a bit like a notice board. The US cover though isn't that great in my opinion the UK have definitely won on the best cover!

I Was Here is about a girl called Cody and how she copes after she recieves an email from her best friend Meg who has recently committed  suicide. Cody struggles to come to terms with her friends death because she didn't have any clue that Meg was struggling with life.

Cody is asked by Meg's parents to go and empty Meg's dorm room because they can't come to terms with her leaving them. Of course Cody says yes and while she is away she learns some things about Meg's life away from her hometown as well as becoming friends with people who were also friends with Meg including a boy called Ben who is really hung up about Meg's death.

While clearing up her room Cody discovers that there is an encrypted file on Meg's laptop and Cody is determined to see if this file has something to do with  Meg's death which then leads to Cody becoming obsessed with why her best friend died and to see if maybe she didn't make up the decision alone.

As you can tell I Was Here deals with a very difficult subject which I think Gayle Forman conveys well in her book. She is a writer that likes talking about tragedy!

This book took me roughly 2 days to read and it is honestly such a page turner! Of course the fact that the book has a cute guy in it definitely helps ;)

As always when I do a book review I give you a few quotes that stood out to me while I was reading it.

Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.

A quote that we definitely all need a little reminder of in life.

Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself.

This quote I chose because it's something that I really struggle with especially because of my mental health and it really spoke to me and made me think about why I can't forgive myself.

I really enjoyed I Was Here and if you haven't read it I really think you should if not for the beautiful story but also the super cute cover!