Tuesday, 14 April 2015

I'm Going To Vote Are You?

Hey Guys

One of the big adult things I can do now that I'm 18 is that I now have the right to vote. I know it's a big scary thing and honestly something that kind of freaks me out I mean by me drawing a cross in a box it is helping to decide who is going to help run the country!

With me being Scottish it means that the General Election that takes place in May is not my first time voting because I voted in the Scottish Referendum but it is still a big deal to me about voting to this scale.

You may be asking why I am talking about voting well it's because that to actually vote you need to be registered by the 20th April which is next Monday and if you haven't already registered I really urge you should.

Why? You may ask well it's because in my opinion Youth Voice in the UK isn't really a big deal to the politicians. Partly because lot's of people my age aren't really interested in politics (I admit I'm not really) but when it comes to times like these we should be taking an interest!

If you do vote it can help change the things in your life that could affect you in the future for example: the NHS or further education but if you don't vote remember nothing is going to change.

I admit politics isn't really aimed at our age group but as a British citizen we do have the right to vote so why not use that vote to help make a difference!

Voting can seem a bit like a chore because it involves a lot of thinking but really all you have to do is on Polling Day go to your Polling Station and cross a little box not much effort when you really think about it!

Remember some people in the world aren't allowed to vote and they are fighting to be able to help decide what happens to their own country. In fact if you look back at our history there was a time when women weren't even allowed to vote so I think you really should go out and do it!

So if you are 18 and haven't registered to vote here is a link Register To Vote

It only takes about 5 minutes and lets increase the number of votes from 18 to 24 year olds because at the last General Election less than half of our age who were eligible to vote did which is shocking.

Before I finish I just want you guys to think about this. You are being given the privilege to vote and honestly what are you going to get out of not voting? Nothing that's what! So please go register if you haven't already!