Monday, 6 April 2015

My Easter Tradition

Hey Guys,

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter spending some quality time with all of your families, I certainly did that's for sure!

Easter is probably one of the biggest family get togethers we have in the Lauder family partly because we are such a big family and it is difficult to fit us all in most of the time.

We all met up at a place called The Tarzan Dam to chuck our eggs down the hill. Yes, I said chuck not roll. The aim really is to try and hit someone if I'm honest! (we are such a lovely bunch I know). Of course all of our eggs have been beautifully decorated before we chuck them down the hill but if I'm honest no one looks at them so the whole sitting at the kitchen and decorating the egg part if kind of pointless...

Usually the children and some of the adults go down to the bottom of the hill to throw the eggs back up to the people at the top so they can chuck them again. A thing that always happens that someone ends up hitting a car with an egg!

Once all of the eggs are all smashed and mushed into the ground most, not all, of the people go further down the hill to the actual dam and for some reason try to run up it... I have no idea how this tradition came about but it is something that everyone in the Lauder family has tried at least once in their lifetime!

Then after about an hour of chucking eggs and running up damns we head to a local hall where we have a picnic. There was roughly 40 people there so you can just imagine all of the food we had. There was sausage rolls, pizza, mini sausages, chicken, pizza, tuna pasta and then a ton of crips and cakes.

We basically spend hours and hours trying to consume as much food as you can into our stomachs! I love this part not just because of the food but the fact that we all get to have a bit of a catch up which is really nice because we don't get to do it often enough!

This year because the weather has been super nice a lot of the family went off on a walk. I didn't because I was in a massive food coma so I stayed outside with the rest of the family and tried to get a bit of a tan!

After about 3 hours at the hall it was time to pack up and head  home after a fun filled family day!

Do you have any Easter family traditions?