Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My First Ever Concealer

Hey Guys

A while back I published a post about how I finally went out and bought My First Ever Lipstick and today I'm here to do the same except that it is with concealer!

I'm really careful when it comes to putting products on my skin because if I'm honest I have really crap skin. Because of this I don't wear makeup and try to avoid oily products at all cost!

Recently though I have been wanting to cover up my spots a bit more which is unusual for me because I just feel that we should embrace them!

When I went on the hunt for the perfect concealer I did tons of research online to see what was a product that was worth your money. I also didn't want to spend a ton because well it is only my first concealer and what if I didn't like it?

A product that lots of people were raving about (and still are) is the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. So I thought why not I give this a try and I did! I got this product in the shade 20 also known as True Ivory.

Now my review can't be as good as other bloggers because this is the first concealer I have ever bought but for the month I have owned this product I have been really enjoying it! I don't wear it on a day to day basis just when I have something big planned like a night out or I am going out to a fancy lunch.

When using this concealer under my eyes it has given me good coverage and has blended in really well making my eyes look a lot brighter and helping those pesky dark circle disappear which I have loved!

Also I find that I don't have to put a lot of the product on for it to actually cover the redness on my skin  from my blemishes as well as helping to conceal my spots. Which I find great as I don't want to add too much product onto my skin that is actually needed.

I also find it easy to apply which as a newbie to makeup I am finding super helpful because I always panic that it is going to be really difficult!

I'm now on the hunt for a foundation and your suggestions are extremely welcome!