Monday, 20 April 2015

My Top 3 BookTubers

Hey Guys!

Over the past 2 months I have been discovering the land that is BookTube and I have fallen in love!

With every video I watch I find another 10 books that I want to read which is frustrating but also really exciting because it is fun keeping up to date with lot's of new books!

Today I thought I would share my top 3 BookTuber channels for you to go and check out if you haven't subscribed to them already!

1. Katytastic

Kat was the first BookTube channel that I subscribed to and I am so glad that I did! You can really tell from the way that Kat talks about the books that she really loves them and plus she has a thing for Herondale's which we all know is the way to go in life! I really enjoy her videos and seeing her try to complete her reading challenge for the year.

2. Benjaminoftomes

First off I actually have no idea how you pronounce this channels name haha but I adore Ben's video! Being British is great because I get to see what is happening in the UK stores as well as hear about unknown UK authors. Ben's videos are so cute and I love the way he gets so exciteable! I am loving his new series called 'Free Book Friday' where he tells you about a free ebook.

3. Abookuptopia

Sasha is by far my favourite BookTuber that's for sure! Her obsession with Scotland is honestly amazing even though I don't really understand it (me being from Scotland and all!). She is going through a historical fiction stage right now and I am reading a book she doesn't stop talking about called Outlander which is fab and you should all go and read it! Also she just seems so lovely and a person I would be friends with if she lived in Scotland with me!

There you have it my top 3 BookTubers! Do you watch BookTube? if so who are your favourites?