Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Perfect Study Snacks

Hey Guys!

Today's post is about the perfect food to eat while you are studying especially since exams are coming up and reaching for unhealthy food isn't really the best idea! Some of these snacks you can buy and other are some that you can make yourself!

Snacks You Can Buy

  • Granola Bars - These are kind of obvious but certainly great and they taste great as well!
  • Pretzels - The healthier version to crisps. Honestly I also go to grab a packet of crisps when I'm hungry but pretzels are way better for you!
  • Almonds or any type of nut - Go for the unsalted kind if you want to be extra healthy!
  • Greek Yogurt - These are great to have espeically during a study break with a cup of tea! You can get the flavoured kind or just your average Greek Yogurt whatever you prefer!
  • String Cheese - When I was doing my research this one kept coming up and even though it is really bizarre it is a really good one because peeling away at the cheese makes your brain focus on something other than your studies!

Snacks You Can Make

  • Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruit - These are perfect just to munch on while you are studying you could make them the night before or whenever really! I use raspberries usually or strawberries but the recipe uses blueberries so it just shows you can use whatever!  Click Here For Recipe
  • Nutella Energy Bites - Sometimes you just really need some chocolate while studying and that is why these are just perfect! Plus you don't have to actually cook them which is always a bonus! Click Here For Recipe
  • Avocado Toast - Avocado's are great for you and instead of putting just plain butter on your toast this makes it just that bit more exciting.Also it only takes minutes to make so instant yummy food! Click Here For Recipe
  • No Bake Granola Bars - If you don't want to go out and buy Granola Bars why not make your own? This recipe is great because the bars can last up to one weeks so that is quite a few study snack sessions already done so you have more free time! Click here For Recipe
  • Banana And Peanut Butte Bites - Two of my favourite things combined into one! Peanut Butter is a flavour I have been obsessed with recently and that is why I have been loving this recently! They are tasty and also super easy to make! Click Here For Recipe

There you have 5 different study snacks some you can make yourself because who doesn't love to cook and also some you can go and buy when you are in one of those super lazy moods!

Which ones are your favourite?