Thursday, 16 April 2015

Polagram ~ My Experience + £5 Off Discount Code

Hey Guys

A trend I have been loving recently is Polaroids. Actually when I think about it I have always loved Polaroid pictures but now that it is coming back it just keeps fueling my love for them!

Unfortunately I do not own my own Polaroid camera (I will own one eventually!) but when I was scrolling through the App Store looking for some new apps to add to my iPhone an app called Polagram popped up saying that it prints pictures from your iPhone!

A thing that annoys me about the digital age is that we hardly ever have actual hard copies of our photos. Yes we back them up but sometimes it is nice to actually hold them in your hand and put them on display!

I had plenty of space on my iPhone and I thought why the hell not. I might use it once or not at all but seeing as it was free I decided to download it.

Man, I was definitely not disappointed! Polagram prints Polaroids!!!! Yes, you read it right they print your pictures into Polaroids as soon as I seen this I jumped at it! They can also print your photos into normal size or make them into items that can make really cute presents like photo books or a big poster with all of your pictures!

One thing that I loved about Polagram is that it is really affordable with a single print being £0.39
which personally I think is great for a printed photo.

I ended up getting 10 photos which came up to around £5. I knew I didn't want to get too many incase the quality wasn't that great but once I actually had them they were a great quality and I definitely plan to use this app again and again.

I ordered my photos on a Tuesday and they arrived the next Saturday so that is *stops to count days on fingers* 4 days which may not be that great but 1.) the photos came from Germany 2.) where I live counts as an island when delivering even though it isn't so I was surprised with how quick they came.

My Polaroids came in a super cute envelope as well as this cool paper to make origami rabbits. I have only made one of them but I found it really difficult and enlisted my Mum to help make it!

One thing for sure is that my photos look great and are such a good quality. I featured that I didn't do it that you can get a caption printed at the bottom. This might cost more I don't know because I didn't try it but I prefer just to write them myself!

One thing you get at then end once you have ordered whatever you are buying is a discount code and well I thought I would share mine with you guys so you can get £5 OFF!

I hope you use the discount code and enjoy your prints as much as I use mine!