Saturday, 18 April 2015

Pretty Little Liars Tag

Hey Guys!

It's official I am having PLL withdrawal symptoms since it finished at the end of my March with one of the craziest finales ever! Honestly it answered so many questions but gave me so many more to ask as well!

While looking all over the internet with some form of PLL news I came across this tag and I thought why the hell not!

1. Alison made her return to Rosewood in her statement red coat.
What is your wardrobe statement piece?
My statement wardrobe piece hmmm I would have to say my maroon blazer I can dress it up and I
can also dress it down and that is why I love it!

2. If you could raid anyone's wardrobe, who would it be?
If it had to be a character from Pretty Little Liars I would probably raid Aria's wardrobe! I like how it is quite of a grunge look but also very feminine if that makes sense it is just a good mix! If I was to chose someone outside of PLL then it would definitely be Taylor Swift's I mean have you seen her street style game recently?!

3. Which cast member would you go to if you had a problem?
Out of all the girls I would say Emily she just seems so lovely and that person who your whole friend group just turns to receive advice.

4. Which character's personality do you think you most relate to?
Personally, I would say Aria because she is quiet and loves book which is just me plus she is the small one in the group even though that isn't a personality but that is so me! One thing I would say is that I wouldn't date the teacher even if he did look like Ezra!

5. Which character's makeup would you most like to wear?
Honestly I don't really look at the makeup! I definitely take more of an interest in the clothes but if I had to choose I would say either Emily or Spencer because they both wear minimal makeup and don't go very out there which I like.

6. Which of the cast would you feel safest with in an 'A' situation?
For me this was obvious, Spencer! She just always seems to come up with a plan whatever situation she is in! I admit they don't always go to plan but it is comforting knowing that you have an idea on how to sort something out!

7. What has been the biggest shocking moment?
There is far too many to choose from!! But I would say when we found out that Ezra knew Alison before he met Aria and that he had been writing a book about everything. Oh and when Alison came back from the dead.!! Oh and also when Mona came back from the dead. (Told you there was too many to choose from.

8. Who is your favourite character?
This is tricky because I like them all for different reasons. I would say Aria she just seems the most relatable to me anyway as I have answered in a previous question but also some of the stuff that Hanna comes out with cracks me up so one of them!

9. Sum up these characters in 1 word:
Jenna - bitter
Paige - loving
Toby - unreliable
Cece - suspicious
Melissa - kill her off already
Jason - hot
Lucas - annoying

10. Who do you think is 'A'?
Honestly I still have no clue. I do think however that this Charles character isn't A just another one of A's minions.

There you have it the PLL tag! Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? 
If so who is your favourite character?