Thursday, 9 April 2015

Throwback Thursdays: Childhood Movies

Hey Guys!

Seeing as I am doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month it means that I am blogging every single day during April (crazy I know) but I think it is going quite well let me know if you think so too!

A popular trend on Instagram or pretty much any other social media site is to have a little throwback into your life on a Thursday and that is what I am bringing you today!

Yip, that's right I'm going to show you a few of my favourite films growing up and why I loved them!

1. High School Musical - What girl didn't love this movie growing up? I was obsessed with this and used to blare the CD all day long and make up little dance routines and everything! Also Zac Efron is in it and is still to this day my celebrity crush!

2. Free Willy - I adored this movie growing up! I just remember being at my childminder's house and always asking to watch this. I also loved the second one but I'm definitely not a fan of the second one!

3. Annie (The musical) - My favourite version was the one where the girl had ginger hair if I'm honest Disney's version just didn't live up to this one! Again you can find me singing along to this movie all the way through it is honestly such a classic!

4. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory - Again my favourite is the older version. I just used to watch it all of the time. I always used to dream about having a chocolate factory in fact I still do!

5. Pocahontas  - This movie to this day is still my favourite Disney movie. I used was really inspired as a little girl about Pocahontas fought for what she believed in and she was such a badass character. I remember running outside singing Colours Of The Wind at the top of my lungs in my bare feet like she did at the top of my climbing frame.

 6. The Goonies - I always say that if you didn't watch this growing up you definitely missed out. This movie was actually the first 12 I ever watched when I was only 8 living the thug life I know! This movie was actually on the TV earlier this week and gave me the inspiration to write this post.

7. Bridge To Teribithia - I always had a huge imagination growing up and this movie fueled my wild imagination even more. My niece and I created our own Teribithia that had a flag and a secret spot for Oreos and everything on the beach! I can tell you are all jealous ;)

8. Billy Elliot - I've talked about my love for all things dance before but when I was little this movie inspired me to work even harder at it! I was a little young maybe when I first watched it because it is a 15 but if I didn't I probably wouldn't of put so much effort into my dancing.

9. Harry Potter - I don't think anyone my age can make a list of their favourite movies let alone childhood movies without putting this on the list! I grew up with Harry, Ron and Hermione and I loved going to the cinema to watch the new films as well as waiting up till midnight to get the new copies of the books!

10. Sound of Music - Can you tell I love musicals?! But yes this was another movie that I felt like I watched all the time especially with my Gran so I guess that's why this movie has a soft spot in my heart because I always remember her when I'm watching her. This was another movie that I used to act out in my garden!

That is just a few of my favourite movies growing up. What were yours?