Sunday, 19 April 2015

Weekend Roundup

Hey Guys

First off I just want to apologise for today's post because it is kind of a lazy one but it has been quite busy over the weekend in the Lauder household.

My sister from Norway came to visit for the weekend so the rest of family decided to make it a whole family occasion and come and visit too!

She didn't arrive till late  Friday night but during the day was spent with my Mum preparing for all of our visitors by going food shopping and cleaning the house and then I had a doctors appointment so it was full speed ahead!

Saturday morning was quite a relaxing one seeing as we only had one visitor! But by lunchtime the house was heaving with people and with dogs! The weather has been amazing all weekend and we spent lot's of our time catching up in our sun room the outside to get our tan on!

Ice cream, family and the sun made for a great afternoon spent talking about many a subject which was nice because we don't get together often as a family throughout the year. My shoulders are definitely looking less peely-wally than they have been!!!

The evening called for us to all get our glad rags on and go out for some tea. We went to my favourite place in town called La Cantina which is an Italian restaurant which gives you incredible food envy with everyone's food around you!

We were told it were to choose a starter and a main because my Mum had already planned something for desert. I went with bruschetta to begin with that had mozzeralla, tomatoes and pesto on it. It was really tasty and not too filling which was exactly what I was going for.

Then I went with carbonara for my main which was a surprise because by default I usually choose lasange but I didn't have a panic this time while the waiter was asking what I wanted so I was quite proud with that!

Desert turned out to be a birthday cake for me! Even though my birthday was back in March read about what happened here this was actually the first time that all my brothers and sisters where here at the same time. The cake was soooo good and we also got ice cream to top it all off!

Sunday was a pretty lazy day. We had a very typical Scottish brunch with square sausage, black pudding and tattie scone which was just perfect because I hadn't had one in ages!

Then the adults had a 'secret powwow' as we were calling it and all of us young ones played the Wii as well as Cluedo which I won because I'm the queen at playing it if I do say so myself!

As today continued our guests left in dribs and drabs which is good because it doesn't give you the complete shock as the house suddenly gets really quiet!

Tonight I plan to spend my time relaxing with a bath and my book (I'm reading Outlander and it is fab) before I go back to school tomorrow!

What have you done over the weekend?