Friday, 17 April 2015

What I Love About This Time Of Year

Hey Guys!

I love spring it might even be my favourite season but then again it also has to compete with summer oh and I love autumn wait winter is fab too. Okay, maybe it isn't but I have been really enjoying spring this year so far I definitely think the beautiful weather has helped!

Today I decided to name a few things that I love about spring because well why not?!

1.  It's actually nice outside when I wake up.

2. It also gets darker later so longer days and really pretty sunsets!

3.  Daffodils.

4. There is lots of blue sky.

5. It is warm enough to go outside without a jacket but not too warm that you feel all sticky.

6. Lambs, little baby lambs.

7. Wild flowers that have very pretty colours.

8. Everyone just seems that little bit happier.

9. I can wear my sunglasses and not get strange looks from strangers.

10. It is actually acceptable to go out and buy ice cream.

Honestly what is not to love about this time of year?! What is your favourite time of year?
P.S - You guys have no idea how long it tool me to decide on whether I should use bullet points or numbers in this post :')