Thursday, 2 April 2015

What I Loved In March

Hey Guys,

It's that time for me to tell you a few of my favourite things in the month of  March!

Now one thing I can tell you is that March has definitely been my favourite month of 2015 so far and I'm guessing it's because I turned 18 at the beginning of it and because of this it has opened a lot of new doors for me!

For the first time ever (I think?) I'm giving you guys a makeup favourite! Crazy, I know but well I'm giving you it! A favourite of mine this month has been the Easiest Nudes Ever which is an eye shadow palette. It contains 2 shadow creams and 4 powder shadows. I have been loving this because it has a wee 'tips & tricks' sections which helps you to apply the look which is great for someone awful at makeup like me!

As you guys should know by now but I adore tea! I'm definitely a bit of a tea addict especially when it comes to specialty tea. If you follow me over on Instagram you probably see me raving about a brand called Suki Tea all the time and I do it because it is fab! I have recently tried to branch out and try some new flavours and my new favourite is definitely the Red Berry flavour it just tastes so good!

This month the 2nd movie in the Divergent trilogy was released called Insurgent. I have read the trilogy and loved it so I was super excited about the movie! I wasn't disappointed that's for sure it's filled with lots of action and quite a bit of romance which was great! The thing about this movie though is that it is quite a bit different from the books but isn't that always the case?

Again, you guys knows that I love a good tv show and in the month of March I finally gave Desperate Housewives ago! I'm only a season and a half in so I can't say much but I'm really enjoying it never knew one street could have so much drama! I'm always looking for  TV show recommendations so hit me up!

As I said at the beginning of this post but I turned 18 this month and in the UK you can drink alcohol so now that I am legal I have been taking full advantage of being able to drink! I have had many a nights out now with lots of vodka, cider and the occasional shot and I'm loving it! I definitely feel sorry for all of you Americans who need to wait until you are 21!

My final favourite is a musician who I have been following for about 8 months now and this month he released his debut album! That musician is James Bay aka the mastermind behind the tune that is Hold Back The River. His album has been on repeat and I honestly can't get enough of it! I'm planning on doing an album review of it so keep your eye out.

That's just a few things that I have loved in March, what ave you loved?