Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wishlist | Forever 21

Hey Guys

As we are coming into the warmer months I am beginning to realise that my wardrobe really needs to be updated!

So I have been perusing lots of websites to see what I would quite like to own myself.

One of my absolutely favourite shops ever is Forever 21 and whenever I am looking for something new it is always the first place I look! I have gathered a few pieces from their 'new arrivals' section that I liked and if you like them too you can go grab them too!

1. Manhattan Graphic Tee - I have a thing for Manhattan and I also have a thing for graphic tees so when I saw this I knew it was perfect and it's a pretty decent price as well! £10.00

2. Water Colour Floral Flutter - Sleeve Top - I liked this top because it has pretty flowers on it, it also has pastel shades in it and it was only £9.00

3. Open-Knit Crop Top - I'm going to a festival in the summer with a group of friends and I feel like this crop top just screams festival! £12.00

4. Daisy - Embroidered Denim Shorts - I always struggle with shorts because I always feel like they are way too short but when I saw these I just knew I had to add this to my list, I mean how cute are those flowers? £18.00

5. Crisscross Cutout Bikini - This bikini is just pretty cute and I love the cutout detailing and as it's a bikini I feel like you can get away with it! Bottoms - £10.00 Top - couldn't find a link sorry!

6. High Waist Striped Shorts - One thing I have always loved is the sailor style I can remember loving it when I was 12 years old and still do now so these shorts are just perfect! £12.00

7. Crochet - Trimmed Chambray Top - A trend I have been loving is all the little snippets of lace and this piece does it just right! £ 15.00

8. Dropped - Pleat Chambray Shorts - Yes, you did read that right these are actually shorts! I love things like this and especially good for windy days on the beach which you get quite a lot in Scotland! £14.00

9. Tartan Plaid Top - I love to wear plaid and in the summer I find it can get quite hot in it so with this top having no sleeves it is like the answer to all of my problems! £14.00

There you have it a few things I have been loving from Forever 21. What is your favourite clothing brand?