Friday, 29 May 2015

Wishlist | H&M

Today I bring to you my current wishlist from a shop I have been loving recently which is H&M.

For me H&M is a great shop for basic stuff and I adore a lot of their simple T Shirts.

Not too long ago I did a post on my Wishlist from Forever 21 so if you like this post be sure to check it out!

My wardrobe seriously needs updated and I can't wait to go out for a bit of a shopping spree!

All of these items I chose from the New Arrivals section just so you know. :)

1. Short Sleeveless Top £3.99 I am forever needing quick simple vest tops and with them bring £3.99 it is kind of a no brainer?! I am having a thing for green at the moment so that is probably the colour I would choose.

2. Blouse In A Textured Weave £14.99 I have been looking for a blouse like this for ages because it is great for dressing both up ad down! Definitely think that this sort of thing is a must have for all wardrobes.

3. Twill High Waist Shorts - £12.99 If I could I would live in shorts but unfortunately it just isn't possible with me living in Scotland so as soon as the sun comes out I am instantly in them and these pink and black patterned shorts are just the cutest!

4. Short Lace Top - £14.99 I am in love with this top! Definitely one of my favourites from everything I am sharing with you today. The only thing is that it is kind of cropped so I would definitely have to see how I felt actually wearing it before I bought it.

5. Skinny High Ankle Jeans - £19.99 One thing I know for sure is that I am in desperate need of some new pair of jeans and I have been loving the cut out of the knee trend and I think that is why I would love these jeans. I definitely don't mind paying a higher price because they need to be long wearing!

6. Sleeveless Top - £7.99 I think this top is really cute and I really like how it is a high neck with the little rolled collar. I think the print is stunning as well! I also would say that it is a really good price as well.

7. Jersey Top £7.99 Another bargain in my opinion as well as a staple piece. I love the shape of the top and even though it is really simple it would be great with a pair of patterned shorts or skirt.

8. Patterned Shorts - £9.99  This is another massive favourite of mine! Blue is sort of my colour and I always find myself going back to it and I think the lace detailing around the bottom is super cute.

So that is a few of the things that I have been loving from H&M's New Arrivals section.

What are your favourite pieces and what do you think will be a big summer trend?