Friday, 26 June 2015

What Happened During My Weekend | BookTube Meet Up

As you all know I am a self confessed book lover and recently I have been obsessing over BookTube and Bookstagram. I even did a post not that long ago on my favourite BookTubers if you want to go and have a read.

Two of those BookTubers, Abookutopia and Benjaminoftomes, held a meetup in Edinburgh recently and I was determind to go!

With my anxiety I was super anxious about going but there have been meetups in Edinburgh and Glasgow that I could of gone to but didn't and this time I wasn't going to let it stop me!

It took me around 4 hours to get to Edinburgh and once I got there I started to get super anxious but I kept going. The meetup was taking place at Princes St. Gardens beside the Scot Monument and as I made my way over there I saw a group of people there all talking to each other. This completely freaked me out and I sort of just stood off to the side for a bit because I felt super anxious and could feel the beginning of a panic attack coming along.

Through my Bookstagram account, Abookloveaffair, I had spoken to a girl called Evie beforehand saying that we were both going and we should meetup and thankfully she spotted me and came over to me with Ben! I was at the point of leaving when she came and held her phone up to me asking if my account was Abookloveaffair and then after that I stood and talked to her and Ben for ages. They totally calmed me down and I had some great conversations with them! So Evie if you are reading this thank you so much for coming to talk to me and actually making me more confident to actually talk to people :')

After talking to Ben for a while and getting photos he said he was going to speak to some of the others so Evie and I made our way over to go and speak to Sasha. I was so excited to speak to her because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be reading and watching Outlander. As we walked over to her I started to get quite anxious again because she had quite a big group of people around her but once it was our turn to speak to her my anxiety sort of disappeared! She was so lovely and make me feel so calm. She even commented on my makeup which was nice of her because I felt like it looked a state from me crying because I was feeling so anxious.

Once Ben and Sasha had spoken to us all we had a bit of circle time where we all talked about where we were from in Scotland, what we were currently reading, our favourite book (which was really difficult) as well as what we liked to watch on TV.

After that Ben and Sasha had to go because they were in Edinburgh on holiday and they wanted to go be tourists! So I headed to Waterstones with Evie, Amy and Fiona. I told myself to get no more books but I left Waterstones with 3 of them... I seriouslt can't help it and I seriously need to go on a book buying ban!

I am so glad that I went to the meetup and didn't let anxiety rule my life which it has done in the past! I can't get over that I have actually met Ben and Sasha it hasn't really sunk in yet that I actually saw them in 3D hahaha.

Have you guys ever been to any kind of meet up?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

I am away!

Just a quick note to say that I am not going to be around for the next week and a bit.

I am off to Germany with my school's exchange and I don't think the internet will be great. Also because I am such a good blogger I forgot to schedule posts and stuff so there will be a bit of radio silence from me.

I think I might still post on Instagram and Twitter so you can follow those if you would like my username is @catriona_lauder .

I know my posting schedule has been really unpredictable recently but hopefully once I get back from Germany I will get back to posting on a more regular basis because I don't have anything planned until the end of July!

Hope you are all enjoying your summer and I would love to know what you are all getting up to!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

My 26 Hour Bus Journey Essentials

Yes, you did read the title right! I am off to Germany today actually (it's a sheduled post) and I am travelling there by bus... It's what you get when you travel with your school.

I am so excited to go and today I thought I would share the must haves that you just have to have with you on an extrememly long journey like mine.

1. Wipes - These are a must because for me I am going to be on this bus for over a day and my face will just feel disgusting and wipes are perfect to just make your skin feel a little bit better. It is alaso great for when I am super tired and they help to wake me up.

2. Chewing Gum - You really don't want to be that person on the trip with smelly breath now do you so Chewing Gum is perfect when uou think your breath might not be as nice as usual and you can't brush your teeth.

3. Lip Balm - Because of the air conditioning on the bus my lips get chapped or on their way to being chapped quite easily. I carry lip balm with me everywhere but I just want to make sure I have it because it makes all of the difference!

4. Kindle - My kindle is a definite must for whenever I'm travelling because it is light and is more than one book! I have 4 ooks on it that I am yet to read and I am considering re-reading The Hunger Games if I run out of books as well.

5. Current Read - Don't get me wrong I love my kindle but there is nothing like reading from a physical book and my current read is Voyager by Diana Gabaldon the third book in the Outlander series. You just have to have a book with you when you are going on a long journey you just have to!

6. Water - It is very easy to not stay hydrated when you are travelling so I always make sure I have a bottle of water or 2 to keep me going on a journey as well as the ones that I buy. Just make sure you don't drink too much haha.

7. Blanket - I always take a blanket when I am going on a long journey and especially on ones like this because I am going to have to sleep at some point. Also with all of the air conditoning it can get cold at times so perfect to keep you warm but not too warm.

8. Earphones - I love music and taking my iPod as well as earphones are perfect. I find it difficult to sleep so just switiching off from everything that is happening around me and listening to music is great to help you sleep or for some alone time because it can get quite cramped on a bus. Think of that saying 'Earphones in, world out.'

9. Portable Charger - If you have an iPhone you will know that the charge is honestly rubbish so with a long journey like this where plugs are unpredictable then a portable charger is extremely important.

10. Snacks - Snacks on any kind of journey are great and with this long one I don't want to spending all of my money at the service stations because they are usually really expensive so taking your own i a great solution. Personally I love the little Oreo packets.

11. Clean T-Shirt - Again my journey is 26 hours long and before I get off the bus I am going to want to change out of it so I don't feel disgusting when I am meeting my exchange partner for the very first time.

12. Hair Bobbles - Everyone calls them something different but I call them bobble. You just never know when you are going to want to tie your hair up!

13. Cards - You might not want to read your book all of the journey so a pack of cards is a great way to kill time!

14. People With Good Banter - Probably the most important one is making sure you are travelling with people who you like and can make you laugh especially when you all start to get to that grumpy mood when you have been travelling for so long.

And that is it! They are all of my 26 Hour Bus Journey Essentials! Do you recommend anything else leave it in the comments!

Friday, 12 June 2015

I Had My Leavers Dance

It's official I am a terrible blogger guys I know! This post was supposed to go up last Monday but I just completely forgot about it! I'm going to blame the sun because finally it is coming out and that hardly ever happens in Scotland so I have been taking advantage of it!

Anyway rant over last Friday (30th May) I had my leavers dance aka prom. I left school back in April which there is a post about and now that all of our exams are finished we can officially celebrate.

My leavers dance was held in my school because the years before us had been a bit rowdy and now no where else in my hometown will take us. *insert crying laughter emoji* On one hand it kind of sucked but on the other it was kind of like we got to actually give the school a bit of a goodbye if that makes sense.

The committee did amazing with decorating our forum I mean it did not look like the school at all and the event went really well so high five to them!

My group of friends usually get all ready together before a big event but because this was our last one we all did it separately. I had my makeup done by my sister in law who is a beautician and she did an amazing job! I suck at makeup so anyone would of been better than me and I am extremely grateful to Kirsty for doing my makeup! We went for quite a natural look with a bold eye look which I think worked out pretty great.

After a mad rush of the makeup going over time I had my hair done. I had spent weeks scrolling through Pinterest looking at prom hairstyles and finally decided on one. When I went for my practise it didn't actually look nice so we changed the style and I am so glad we did because this looked so much better! The picture is from the practise round and isn't completely perfect but so you get an idea of what it looked like.

Finally it was time for me to put my dress on. Again I had spent ages scrolling the internet for a dress and when I went up to Glasgow with my friends I found the perfect one! It wasn't what I was expecting to where but I think it worked out really well! It was mint green a colour I have never worn before with this beaded mesh bit at the top and then it going all floaty as you go down the dress. I have never felt so pretty in a piece of clothing than I have in that dress. I got it at House Of Fraser if you are interested but I doubt you can get it now.

Time for the dance! Everyone looked amazing all of the girls were all in pretty long dresses and no one was in the same dress (one of my biggest fears) and all the boys looked very dapper in their suits which I was definitely not used to seeing! We were in tables of 10 which we had already planned so of course I was surrounded with all of my friends and I couldn't of asked for a better group of people to spend my leavers dance with!

Before we actually got to the dancing part there was the three course meal. I had the soup for my starter. I believe it was tomato and basil but I'm actually still not sure one thing is it tasted amazing! My whole table was having steak pie and vegetables definitely a very Scottish meal! I was stuffed after those two courses but there was still desert which was a chocolate fudge cake which I only ate a little bit of because I was so full!

Once all the tables had cleared it was time for the party to actually start! You aren't a Scottish school if you didn't have a ceilidh and as all you guys know I love a ceilidh so I had the best time! The ceilidh band was a local one called Heron Valley who I happen to be pretty friendly with and they were amazing. Of course they played all of the traditional dances as well as some of the not so common ones.

I danced with so many people and a proud moment for me was that I stayed in my heels for the whole night which I have never done before!! I usually have to take them off after the first dance so I was very happy. I also didn't trip on my dress which was something I was pretty positive would happen!

We had a photographer there called Ronnie Cairns and you could go up to him and get group, couple or single photos. He has put them up on his website and they are stunning! I would put them on here but they are watermarked so you are stuck with my rubbish iPhone ones!

As the night drew to a close there was some heartwarming speeches from both my Year Head and Head Teacher which did make me feel that I have left school like it is actually happening! Finally there was a rendition of Auld Lang Syne which happens after every ceilidh/dance and the night was over.

But not for me because my squad decided to get together for a bit of an after party. It was only my closest friends but I liked that it was like that and we all celebrated and gossiped and just did some of your typical teenage girl stuff!

That was my leavers dance! Have you had one or are you already in planning mode for next year let me know!

Friday, 5 June 2015

Netflix Tag

It feels like forever since I did a tag question post but I feel like I always say that when I do a tag post but it just how I feel when it comes to them!

Today I have a tag that was made for me and that is the Netflix tag! I am on Netflix constantly. It is legit my hobby if it can count as a hobby?

I am going to talk about all of the TV shows I watch because they aren't all on Netflix and some of my absolute favs aren't on it so yeah! *inserts the sassy women emoji* I have also combined some questions because all of the tags I have looked at are different and I like some of the questions but not all of them!

1. Do you watch more TV shows or films on Netflix?
I definitely watch more TV shows. I am not really into my films if I'm honest like I find it very difficult to pay attention to a full movie unless it's one I am really anticipating. Whereas I have probably seen at least one episode of every TV show under the sun...

2.What are your all time favourite series' to watch on Netflix?
My all time favourite show is One Tree Hill but it isn't on Netflix... I adore Grey's Anatomy so I would probably say that but I also love to watch Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead and I adored 90210 and Gossip Girl while growing up. I basically only watch American TV shows I'm not massively keen on British TV.

3. What are you currently watching on Netflix.
At this moment in time I am mixing and matching between Outlander (it's so good), Once Upon A Time, House MD (needed another medical drama in my life) and finally I just started How To Get Away With Murder (a Shonda Rhimes creation).

4. What is your one pet peeve when it comes to Netflix?
That they don't have some of my favourite shows on it. As well as it has some of the most bizarre stuff on there like most of the movies are movies that people haven't even heard of.

5. When it comes to Netflix are you a binge watcher?
Oh definitely! I am a massive binge watcher. I watch 10 to 12 episodes at a time regularly not so much now but I used to be really bad for it! I think it was 2 summers ago that I watched a full 22 episode season in a day and I did that consecutively until I finished the whole TV show!

6. What are your essentials for a Netflix night in?
1. Pizza whether it is takeaway or you have gotten it out of the freezer it is a must! 2. Cup of tea but that is always one of my essentials... 3. Snacks. I love chocolate biscuits to dunk into my tea or just a big bag of Doritios! 4. Finally pyjamas you really can't watch Netflix in anything else.

7. What is on your wishlist?
My wishlist is about 60 shows long but if I had to narrow it down it would be: Breaking Bad (yeah still haven't watched it...), Game Of Thrones (not watched that either but I have read some of the books, Orange Is The New Black and Heroes.

8. What would you recommend to your readers?
Definitely Grey's Anatomy (medical drama) or One Tree Hill (teen drama) but they are both really long TV shows so make sure you have time on your hands! I would also recommend Pretty Little Liars (thriller) as well as The Walking Dead (zombies) 

So that's it! That is the Netflix tag and it is probably one of my favourites! I tag anyone who watched Netflix!

What is your favourite thing to watch on Netflix?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I Went To Skerryvore Decade!

Last Saturday (30th May) I travelled up to Oban in Scotland for one of the biggest Scottish Traditional Music events of the year!

I went to Skerryvore Decade! I was one of 6,000 people who were there and it was such an incredible day/night!

If you aren't up to date with the Scottish traditional music scene which I'm guessing you aren't then you wouldn't know that one of the biggest bands on the scene were throwing a big celebration because they were turning 10 years old.

That band is called Skerryvore. Hence, the events name being Skerryvore Decade. As well as Skerryvore playing they also got their friends and supporters to come and play as well and it really turned out to be a great lineup!

So who was playing? You may ask well there was Skipinnish, Trail West, Red Hot Chilli Pipers, Sharon Shannon, Dougie McLean and Scott Wood Band.

Skerryvore Decade started at 3pm so I have to leave my house at 10:30 to make sure I reached Oban in time!

I had seen all of the acts play before but it had been a while since I had seen the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and man they were so good! They opened up the day and ugh I just have so many feels! They played everything including their cover of Avicii's Wake Me Up which definitely got the party started!

Next up was Trail West a personal favourite of mine. I have been to a few ceilidhs with them as well as concerts and I love how they can pull off both! Of course they played the absolute tune that was The Island Boy and even though I wasn't right at the front of the stage to see it I definitely thoroughly enjoyed it!

Dougie MacLean aka the man who wrote Caledonia was on after Trail West. He slowed the tempo down a bit but he played just himself and his guitar and man was it brilliant! It also gave me the perfect chance to grab some food before I got the alcohol in me and what was absolutely perfect was that they were selling haggis, neeps and tatties!!!

From 17.50 - 18.30 was Scott Wood Band who I hadn't seen live since they were called Scott Wood Trio when it was just the pipes, guitar and fiddle. I loved the new additions to the group and it was like seeing a completely different band but something exactly like the old which doesn't make sense but that is how I would explain it.

Probably one of the biggest performers there was Sharon Shannon who was magnificent! I saw her live for the first time last year at Tiree and this time she was even better! It was just her and this man with kind of long hair (can't remember his name) and it made for a really great set. Of course she played one of her most favourite song called Galway Girl which went down a treat.

Skipinnish were next who have been my favourite out of the lot of them for a while now. They opened with Land Below The Waves and closed with Walking On The Waves and played all of their other absolute tunes in between. I really do adore seeing Skipinnish live their albums really don't do them justice!

Finally it was time for the band that we had all been waiting for. The band who we had all travelled to see and that was Skerryvore. They played every single hit of theirs and ugh I am so beyond words onto how good they were live. They exceeded themselves even more than usual because they are great live but they were even better on that Saturday night!

I had the best night I have had in ages and it has definitely got me in the mood for Tiree Music Festival which is happening in just over a month! I would also like to give a shoutout to the boy who kept putting me on your shoulders you made the concert even better for me so thank you!

Have you ever listened to Scottish Tradition music before?

P.S - My photos aren't great because they were taken on my phone! I also didn't take that many I mean I didn't even get one of Skerryvore... I was just too busy enjoying the moment!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Happiness Is Key

My main goal at the moment is happiness.

Having that feeling is honestly the best feeling ever and after going through a long period of time struggling to find even a glimpse of it means that I am craving it even more!

I must admit it is coming back in little bits and pieces and I am finding even more things make me happy compared to a few months ago where everything was a real struggle for me! Even the small things make me happy which is all kinds of mental!

Now it's time for a little definition -:
Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
So today I thought I would share with you the little moments that give me contentment or happiness because as they say 'it's the little things that count!'

  • Pink sunsets
  • Good book and a cup of tea on a rainy day
  • When a bath bomb makes the water turn an unexpected colour
  • The moment that you realise that you have really great friends
  • New book smell
  • Fresh bed sheets
  • That 'just rained' smell
  • When a song you haven't listened to comes on shuffle and brings back tons of memories
  • A look someone has on their face that says that they are proud of you
  • People telling you that your advice really helped them
There you have it 10 small things that have made me unexpectedly happy recently. 

Focusing on the positive and forgetting about the negative is the best thing for you but it is also really hard to do so take everything in your stride and eventually you will reach the end of the dark tunnel!

That got way too deep way too quickly haha!

Anyway... What made you happy this week?