Friday, 12 June 2015

I Had My Leavers Dance

It's official I am a terrible blogger guys I know! This post was supposed to go up last Monday but I just completely forgot about it! I'm going to blame the sun because finally it is coming out and that hardly ever happens in Scotland so I have been taking advantage of it!

Anyway rant over last Friday (30th May) I had my leavers dance aka prom. I left school back in April which there is a post about and now that all of our exams are finished we can officially celebrate.

My leavers dance was held in my school because the years before us had been a bit rowdy and now no where else in my hometown will take us. *insert crying laughter emoji* On one hand it kind of sucked but on the other it was kind of like we got to actually give the school a bit of a goodbye if that makes sense.

The committee did amazing with decorating our forum I mean it did not look like the school at all and the event went really well so high five to them!

My group of friends usually get all ready together before a big event but because this was our last one we all did it separately. I had my makeup done by my sister in law who is a beautician and she did an amazing job! I suck at makeup so anyone would of been better than me and I am extremely grateful to Kirsty for doing my makeup! We went for quite a natural look with a bold eye look which I think worked out pretty great.

After a mad rush of the makeup going over time I had my hair done. I had spent weeks scrolling through Pinterest looking at prom hairstyles and finally decided on one. When I went for my practise it didn't actually look nice so we changed the style and I am so glad we did because this looked so much better! The picture is from the practise round and isn't completely perfect but so you get an idea of what it looked like.

Finally it was time for me to put my dress on. Again I had spent ages scrolling the internet for a dress and when I went up to Glasgow with my friends I found the perfect one! It wasn't what I was expecting to where but I think it worked out really well! It was mint green a colour I have never worn before with this beaded mesh bit at the top and then it going all floaty as you go down the dress. I have never felt so pretty in a piece of clothing than I have in that dress. I got it at House Of Fraser if you are interested but I doubt you can get it now.

Time for the dance! Everyone looked amazing all of the girls were all in pretty long dresses and no one was in the same dress (one of my biggest fears) and all the boys looked very dapper in their suits which I was definitely not used to seeing! We were in tables of 10 which we had already planned so of course I was surrounded with all of my friends and I couldn't of asked for a better group of people to spend my leavers dance with!

Before we actually got to the dancing part there was the three course meal. I had the soup for my starter. I believe it was tomato and basil but I'm actually still not sure one thing is it tasted amazing! My whole table was having steak pie and vegetables definitely a very Scottish meal! I was stuffed after those two courses but there was still desert which was a chocolate fudge cake which I only ate a little bit of because I was so full!

Once all the tables had cleared it was time for the party to actually start! You aren't a Scottish school if you didn't have a ceilidh and as all you guys know I love a ceilidh so I had the best time! The ceilidh band was a local one called Heron Valley who I happen to be pretty friendly with and they were amazing. Of course they played all of the traditional dances as well as some of the not so common ones.

I danced with so many people and a proud moment for me was that I stayed in my heels for the whole night which I have never done before!! I usually have to take them off after the first dance so I was very happy. I also didn't trip on my dress which was something I was pretty positive would happen!

We had a photographer there called Ronnie Cairns and you could go up to him and get group, couple or single photos. He has put them up on his website and they are stunning! I would put them on here but they are watermarked so you are stuck with my rubbish iPhone ones!

As the night drew to a close there was some heartwarming speeches from both my Year Head and Head Teacher which did make me feel that I have left school like it is actually happening! Finally there was a rendition of Auld Lang Syne which happens after every ceilidh/dance and the night was over.

But not for me because my squad decided to get together for a bit of an after party. It was only my closest friends but I liked that it was like that and we all celebrated and gossiped and just did some of your typical teenage girl stuff!

That was my leavers dance! Have you had one or are you already in planning mode for next year let me know!