Friday, 5 June 2015

Netflix Tag

It feels like forever since I did a tag question post but I feel like I always say that when I do a tag post but it just how I feel when it comes to them!

Today I have a tag that was made for me and that is the Netflix tag! I am on Netflix constantly. It is legit my hobby if it can count as a hobby?

I am going to talk about all of the TV shows I watch because they aren't all on Netflix and some of my absolute favs aren't on it so yeah! *inserts the sassy women emoji* I have also combined some questions because all of the tags I have looked at are different and I like some of the questions but not all of them!

1. Do you watch more TV shows or films on Netflix?
I definitely watch more TV shows. I am not really into my films if I'm honest like I find it very difficult to pay attention to a full movie unless it's one I am really anticipating. Whereas I have probably seen at least one episode of every TV show under the sun...

2.What are your all time favourite series' to watch on Netflix?
My all time favourite show is One Tree Hill but it isn't on Netflix... I adore Grey's Anatomy so I would probably say that but I also love to watch Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Pretty Little Liars, The Walking Dead and I adored 90210 and Gossip Girl while growing up. I basically only watch American TV shows I'm not massively keen on British TV.

3. What are you currently watching on Netflix.
At this moment in time I am mixing and matching between Outlander (it's so good), Once Upon A Time, House MD (needed another medical drama in my life) and finally I just started How To Get Away With Murder (a Shonda Rhimes creation).

4. What is your one pet peeve when it comes to Netflix?
That they don't have some of my favourite shows on it. As well as it has some of the most bizarre stuff on there like most of the movies are movies that people haven't even heard of.

5. When it comes to Netflix are you a binge watcher?
Oh definitely! I am a massive binge watcher. I watch 10 to 12 episodes at a time regularly not so much now but I used to be really bad for it! I think it was 2 summers ago that I watched a full 22 episode season in a day and I did that consecutively until I finished the whole TV show!

6. What are your essentials for a Netflix night in?
1. Pizza whether it is takeaway or you have gotten it out of the freezer it is a must! 2. Cup of tea but that is always one of my essentials... 3. Snacks. I love chocolate biscuits to dunk into my tea or just a big bag of Doritios! 4. Finally pyjamas you really can't watch Netflix in anything else.

7. What is on your wishlist?
My wishlist is about 60 shows long but if I had to narrow it down it would be: Breaking Bad (yeah still haven't watched it...), Game Of Thrones (not watched that either but I have read some of the books, Orange Is The New Black and Heroes.

8. What would you recommend to your readers?
Definitely Grey's Anatomy (medical drama) or One Tree Hill (teen drama) but they are both really long TV shows so make sure you have time on your hands! I would also recommend Pretty Little Liars (thriller) as well as The Walking Dead (zombies) 

So that's it! That is the Netflix tag and it is probably one of my favourites! I tag anyone who watched Netflix!

What is your favourite thing to watch on Netflix?