Friday, 26 June 2015

What Happened During My Weekend | BookTube Meet Up

As you all know I am a self confessed book lover and recently I have been obsessing over BookTube and Bookstagram. I even did a post not that long ago on my favourite BookTubers if you want to go and have a read.

Two of those BookTubers, Abookutopia and Benjaminoftomes, held a meetup in Edinburgh recently and I was determind to go!

With my anxiety I was super anxious about going but there have been meetups in Edinburgh and Glasgow that I could of gone to but didn't and this time I wasn't going to let it stop me!

It took me around 4 hours to get to Edinburgh and once I got there I started to get super anxious but I kept going. The meetup was taking place at Princes St. Gardens beside the Scot Monument and as I made my way over there I saw a group of people there all talking to each other. This completely freaked me out and I sort of just stood off to the side for a bit because I felt super anxious and could feel the beginning of a panic attack coming along.

Through my Bookstagram account, Abookloveaffair, I had spoken to a girl called Evie beforehand saying that we were both going and we should meetup and thankfully she spotted me and came over to me with Ben! I was at the point of leaving when she came and held her phone up to me asking if my account was Abookloveaffair and then after that I stood and talked to her and Ben for ages. They totally calmed me down and I had some great conversations with them! So Evie if you are reading this thank you so much for coming to talk to me and actually making me more confident to actually talk to people :')

After talking to Ben for a while and getting photos he said he was going to speak to some of the others so Evie and I made our way over to go and speak to Sasha. I was so excited to speak to her because if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be reading and watching Outlander. As we walked over to her I started to get quite anxious again because she had quite a big group of people around her but once it was our turn to speak to her my anxiety sort of disappeared! She was so lovely and make me feel so calm. She even commented on my makeup which was nice of her because I felt like it looked a state from me crying because I was feeling so anxious.

Once Ben and Sasha had spoken to us all we had a bit of circle time where we all talked about where we were from in Scotland, what we were currently reading, our favourite book (which was really difficult) as well as what we liked to watch on TV.

After that Ben and Sasha had to go because they were in Edinburgh on holiday and they wanted to go be tourists! So I headed to Waterstones with Evie, Amy and Fiona. I told myself to get no more books but I left Waterstones with 3 of them... I seriouslt can't help it and I seriously need to go on a book buying ban!

I am so glad that I went to the meetup and didn't let anxiety rule my life which it has done in the past! I can't get over that I have actually met Ben and Sasha it hasn't really sunk in yet that I actually saw them in 3D hahaha.

Have you guys ever been to any kind of meet up?