Thursday, 23 July 2015

This Is Goodbye For Now

I've been toying with writing this post for a long time and finally I've got the courage to actually write it...

Basically I really haven't been feeling my blog anymore which you have probably guessed with the lack of a posting schedule or posts at all in that matter. I have just been feeling really uninspired and I just don't have the will to write anymore.

My blog used to be a space I was really proud to call my own and was really happy with everything I was doing. Whether that was my content, photographs or my blog design. Nowadays, I just don't like anything I have done. It annoys me that I am now happy with my blog especially my content and I do not want to publish posts that I am not proud with because I know I can do better.

So today I have decided to properly take a break from my blog. Maybe in the future I might come back to it but for the now it's not my main priority. 

If I am letting anyone down I'm sorry but I will still be about on socail media if you need a chat.

Hopefully this break isn't for ever.