Monday, 24 October 2016

Rainy Days Are For Reading


There is nothing I love more than sitting inside on a rainy day curled up with a good book.

Being inside when it is blowing a gale and absolutely chucking it down outside there just isn't anything more cosy than sitting down on the couch wrapped up in a blanket or in your bed with your duvet and spending your time reading.


I think days like this are more acceptable during the autumn and winter months because who wants to be outside in the freezing cold?!

Friday, 21 October 2016

What Have I Been Listening To In October?


It's been forever since I shared with you one if my playlists so I thought I would just share one with you!

These are the songs that I have been listening to in October some I'm sure you will know and some probably not! If you like the sound of the playlist then you can find it on Spotify and listen there.

  1. Victorious - Panic! At The Disco
  2. Firefly - Mura Masa
  3. She's Casual - The Hunna
  4. Say You Won't Let Go - James Arthur
  5. Air - Shawn Mendes ft. Astrid S
  6. Painful To Watch - FOURS
  7. This Town - Niall Horan
  8. When The Night Is Over - Lucia Fontaine
  9. Bad Decisions - Two Door Cinema Club
  10. Lovesick - Banks
  11. Machines That Breathe - Be Charlotte
  12. All We Know - The Chainsmokers and Phoebe Ryan
  13. Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish Astronomy
  14. Fresh Eyes - Andy Grammer
  15. Waster Youth - Sody Martin and Luke Brown
  16. Loudspeaker - MUNA
  17. home - morgxn
  18. Emtpy Book - Nieves
  19. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) - Dua Lipa
  20. Somebody Else - Vertite
  21. Shout Out To My Ex - Little Mix
  22. Back To You (Acoustic) - Mollie King
  23. Atic - Astrid S
So that's my playlist of the month so far! I'm sure I'll be adding some to it haha. Personal favourite are Firefly by Mura Masa, Machines That Breathe by Be Charlotte and also Verite's cover of The 1975's Somebody Else.

What have you been listening to this month? Let me know in the comments.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Girls Night | Photo Diary


At the weekend my best friend Kirsty came to visit me and we had a girls night and I thought I would share all the photos as I think they are cute. Honestly this post is just for me to come and just be reminded of a great weekend.

First up was a wee catch-up over dinner! We headed to Zizzi's as we knew we would find something we would love! I got the seafood risotto and Kirsty's was a red pesto dish. We also got one of the special autumnal cocktails it involved passion fruit, vodka and prosecco.!


After heading back to my flat to get ready over Taylor Swift and prosecco we just HAD to take some Snapchat filter selfies.


When it was time to hit the town we felt that a lift selfie was very needed!


Again more cocktails... We headed to a bar called The Social in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow. There was so many different cocktails to choose from but we went with one called The Solero.


I didn't get many photos in the club, we went to The Shimmy again in Royal Exchange Square as we hadn't been before. It was a good club very booth orientated with a good sized dance floor. There was only one room which I'm not fond on but it was still great. Here's one of the club photos we got.

Finally the night ended up a drunk KFC obvs... But I didn't get a photo (sorry was drunk and forgot) but on Sunday we did get an almighty scran from Dominos!


That was my girls night on Saturday. Do yours look similar?


Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Halloween Costumes For A Student Budget | Under £20


Halloween is always just a really stressful time of the year for me. I mean you have to actually decide what you want to be which I can never do, order your costume which never seems to fit me or ever look right and then organise plans for what you are actually doing which I always leave till last minute.

In fact Halloween is always a last minute affair for me and well this year I am changing that! I've been on the hunt for a good costume since the 1st I even ordered one and it looked awful so was sent back so I'm now back on the hint for a costume that looks good and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm on a student budget after all so all of these costumes are £20 and less!

Here is a few costumes I have seen while scrolling and scrolling through the internet in both the 'sexy' and 'scary' categories as that is always a girls dilemma on what she is to wear!

Monday, 10 October 2016

My First Experience With Liquid Lipstick


Every blogger and their Mum seem to be going on and on about their love for the liquid lipstick craze at the moment. After seeing so many people rap on about it I took a trip to Boots; can see the whole haul here where I picked one up for £5.50 which I think is super affordable. In fact I think all of NYX's products are super affordable! So let's see what I thought!

Near enough every post I read on liquid lipstick featured the brand NYX so I headed straight to my local NYX counter to see what was available. Here I found the Soft Matte Lip Cream collection and thought well this is the range for me.

I had no clue what kind of shade to go for of course I knew that autumn was coming but felt a dark red was too 'out there' for my first shade and I was't too keen on the super neutral shades that are of a more brown tone so decided that pinky brown tone might be better. I went with the shade 'Cannes' which is number 19.

Now I love the matte lip look but the problem with it is that some products dry your lips after application and I can definitely say that the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream didn't do that for me. Quite the opposite. My lips definitely felt dare I say it? Moist... Ugh hate that word!

The great thing about this product is that it lasts for ages and you hardly ever have to re-apply it! I've worn it a bunch now both on nights out as well as day to day. I only ever need to re-apply it once maybe twice depending on the situation but you can definitely have a few drinks before you need to think about re-applicating.

Here's an awful photo of  me at 2am trying to finish this post!
As this is my first ever liquid lipstick I was a bit worried about the whole application process as I'm so used to just swiping my trusty Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick's across my lips and off I go. It takes a bit of time to get it looking right but easy enough especially for a novice when it comes to make up like me! It has a great smell which doesn't put you off using it which is great as I hate when products smell weird. It also drys matte pretty instantly so don't need to worry about smudging it.

I would definitely recommend the whole Soft Matte Lip Cream range to all of you guys! I'm definitely off to go get some more shades as well as look at the rest of NYX's products! 

Are you a fan of liquid lipstick?


Friday, 7 October 2016

The Hunna | Gig Review 2/10/16

Hey Guys,

I went to a sold out gig on Sunday 2nd October at The Garage in Glasgow to see a band called The Hunna. They are an indie rock band from England and currently on tour promoting their debut album 'The 100'.

Not going to lie I ended up missing the first support band; The Night Cafe as I didn't get there till half 7 which I am totally gutted about! I found this band a few weeks ago and been crushing hard on their music since I found them. I had no clue they were supporting The Hunna otherwise I would of been right there for their set.

The second support act was Blaenavon and I did see these guys! The lead singer looked exactly like one of my old flatmates and it took me ages to realise that it wasn't actually him... His hair swishy was very swishy haha. Their music definitely got the crowd going and buzzing for The Hunna. I definitely want to look into these guys and see what they sound like on a recording and see if it is any different to them live. A stand out track was 'My Bark Is Your Bite' that was so catchy!

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How Did I Do In The Lazy Blogging Challenge?


Well I sucked at the Lazy Blogging Challenge. Why? You may ask I'm going to put it down to it being Freshers and me being back living in Glasgow and I just had so many other things going on that my blog became my last priority.

If you don't know what Lazy Blogging is as a whole then I did a full in detail post about what it is at the beginning of September which you can go over and have a read. Anyway I was taking part or trying to anyway in the September Challenge which was a way of gradually increasing how many posts you published a week.

I'll admit week 1 was fine. I was full of ideas and motivation for both the challenge and just felt a lot of love coming from my blog! Then I moved back to Glasgow and I had to try settle into a new surrounding of my flat (tour coming eventually), getting back into studying and also socialising with all of my friends I haven't seen since June!

This piled up but still week 2 I completed that weeks challenge with 3 posts going up; What I Ticked Off My Summer BucketlistMy Current 'To Be Read' List and 20 Before 20. I got a lot of love from those posts so thanks to everyone that commented! Then I realised that was all of the easy-ish posts done... Meaning I had to put more thought meaning more time into my next posts.

Week 3 I published 1/4 times! Now this was Freshers Week so the fact something even went up, my Money Saving Food Tips post, surprises me but I did it. This post was also quite out of my comfort zone and a venture into something I had never really done before. I actually really enjoyed it so will be doing posts more on that sort of line soon!

Finally week 4 where I picked it back up with 2/5 posts published. This was the second week of Freshers and I had a lot of shifts this week so my down time was just that me napping in my bed exhausted. But as I said 2 posts went up A Boots Haul and a Scottish Music Scene the first in a series post.

Overall I am happy with the content I published as I felt it was rushed. I would never post something just because I needed to post I like to feel proud of what goes on my little corner of the internet.

What did I learn from taking part in the September Challenge? Well anything more than 3 posts a week is pushing it. I just don't have enough time to juggle life, work, college and my blog to do that.

By the end of September I've gotten into a weird funk don't know why but it is slowly disappearing which hopefully means more blog inspo coming soon!

How did you do in the Lazy Blogging Challenge?


Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Boots Haul


Is it just me or do all your products always finish at the same so you need to go spend a small fortune on all things hygienic?! Honestly it happens to me all the time. I really needed to stock up on these necessities so a trip to Boots was on the cards and I thought why not share what I got as they do have some great deals on at the moment!

First up was deodorant. I was dangerously low and  needed some asap. I love Dove's Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena scent and knew I was on the hunt for that but when I got to my local store (Buchanan Galleries) there was none of the normal size but they did have some of compressed size cans so I snapped 2 of those up instantly as you can never have too much deodorant! It was also down to £2.00 instead of £3.50 so I saved £1.50!

Next on my list was face wash. I've tried many over the years but I've really enjoyed Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub. I talk about it more in my Skin Care Routine post so I knew that I was more than likely to repurchase this product. Again when I got there there was deal on 2 Neutrogena products for £5 which is a right bargan as the face wash is usually £4.79 so again I picked up 2! I would seriously go check out this deal as it is on both the pink grapefruit range and the blackhead eliminating range. Plus they have changed the packaging and have these really cute designs on them now.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Scottish Music Scene: Fatherson

Hey Guys,

As a radio student I am always discovering new music and especially Scottish music. Today I'm going to be starting a new series where I introduce you to bands and artists from Scotland that I feel like people are missing out on because they haven't been recognised enough yet.

First up is one of my favourite bands called Fatherson who are a three-piece band that formed in Kilmarnock. They play alternative rock/indie music and have a sound similar to Frightened Rabbit or Twin Atlantic.

Currently they have released two album with the most recent being 'Open Book' which was released at the beginning of June. Not going to lie I have had this album on repeat for a large proportion of the summer! With my favourites being the second single 'Lost Little Boys' or 'Stop The Car' and 'Forest' from the album.

I was lucky enough to see them live on the 4th June at the O2 ABC here in Glasgow and it has honesty been one of my favourite gigs of the year so far, apart from the really tall man in front of me who had a back pack on the whole time. I mean who has a back pack on through a whole concert?! Ross, the lead singer, sounds exactly the same when playing live than he does in a recording. In fact the whole band sound even better live. They got the whole crowd going playing all of the absolute tunes from their new and first albums. I even ended up meeting them after the show by the merch desk when I was buying one of their t-shirts.

This year alone they have played at so many music festivals over the summer like; Bestival, Reading and Leeds, Belladrum Tartan Festival and T In The Park. As well as going on two headline tours! They next play in Glasgow on the 23rd December at the Barrlowlands and they're is still tickets left if you want them!

If you want to go check Fatherson out which I really think you should then I recommend;

1. Stop The Car
2. Always
3. Just Past The Point Of Breaking
4. An Island
5. Home Town

If you are interested then go follow them on Twitter - @fathersonband or on Facebook - FathersonBand

If you do go check them out or decide to go see them live then please let me know!


Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Money Saving Food Tips

Hey Guys,

Recently in class I was creating a magazine radio show about Freshers Week and I also did a feature on my money saving tips when it comes to food shopping and I thought why not bring it to me blog as some of you might find this useful.

I use a large proportion of these and they do work! As a student shopping for one gets expenisive but following these tips help with that. I'm no expert this is just what I learned from research and tried and tested so here we go!

My first tip is meal plan, meal plan meal plan! It may be really boring task to do but it will save you so much money as it saves you from accidentally doubling up on items as well as buying everything in sight! If you meal plan you will be able to make a double batch of a meal and you can either freeze the second one for another dinner or keep it in the fridge for lunch the next day! I do this one and it seriously works feel so prepared when it comes to my meals!

If you shop later in the day after 6pm to be exact this is when the supermarkets start to discount their food item prices which are about to go out of date. You can use these items that night for your dinner or even freeze them, if it is suitable to freeze them, while they are still fresh for another day.

Take part in the supermarket taste test and buy the supermarket own brand items instead of your favourites like McVities or Heinz. For example if it has to be Heinz when it comes to you then a Tesco tin of Heinz Baked Beans costs 68p for a 415g tin whereas Tesco's Everyday Value tin costs 24p for 420g saving you 44p! Most of the time it is actually the packaging and brand that you are paying for and not actually better quality food so definitely try these saver items and see it you can actually taste the difference.

'Best Before Dates' are actually a guide as it is about food quality and not food safety unlike 'Use By Dates' which is when food can be harmful. 'Best Before Dates' mean the food isn't harmful to your body if you eat it afterwards as it is about quality meaning that after that date the food might of changed texture and flavour slightly. So remember to look at the dates and always do the smell test to see if you think it's safe or not because it still could be ok!

Finally remember to treat yo self! Eating healthy is great and all but we all love a bar of chocolate every now and again! While writing  a shopping list don't just stick to items for your meals remember snacks as we could all use some study motivation. I love the write a paragraph eat a biscuit one myself!

Do you guys have any good money saving food tips? Then let me know in the comments below or tweet me @catriona_lauder


Friday, 16 September 2016

20 Before 20

Hey Guys,

Can't believe I am typing this but I'm going to be 20 in less than 6 months. In 6 months time I will no longer be a teenager which is absolutely crazy when I think about it!

Today I'm going to write a post about some things I've always wanted to try but haven't so why not make this list to give me some motivation like my Summer Bucket List which you can read here did. So this is a list of 20 things I want to do before I'm 20 in the beginning of March!

A lot of these are food related just a warning.

1. Go out for brunch - This just seems like such a cute thing to do on a Sunday and where my new flat in Glasgow is has tons of cute cafes that I could go to for brunch. Cant wait to have a friend come visit and go out for a wee brunch after a night out.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

My Current 'To Be Read' List

Hey Guys,

Today I am sharing my current To Be Read list with you! I moved up to Glasgow at the weekend (room tour coming soon!) and I knew I couldn't bring all of my books with me so I selected a few that I want to read asap!

I love reading for me it is a way to escape the world and just completely relax.I'm definitely one of those people in a coffee shop by themselves reading! I think it is why I got into blogging as I loved reading blogs and decided that I wanted to try it and two years later here we are!

1. Onyx - Jennifer L Armentrout This is the second book in the Lux Series. I just finished Obsidian the first book and I want to read the sequel as soon as possible. This series is based around a girl called Katy who moves to a new town and becomes friends with the twin boy and girl neighbours, Dee and Damon, but they aren't just any body they are out of this world. I loved the first one as it was such an easy read and I want to see how Katy's story continues.

2. A Court Of Mist And Fury - Sarah J Maas Again another sequel! This book came out in May and it's been in my top 3 ever since I got my hands on a copy! I loved the first and again I'm desperate to know what happens next. This is a fictional novel based around the legend of Fae. Feyre continues her life in the Spring Court but now with the powers of the High Fae while still having a human heart that remmebers all the things she did to say the people from the Spring Court. The second book follows her journey of how she survives the terrible deals she made to live.

3. Lady Midnight - Cassandra Clare I honestly can't believe I still haven't read this book I mean Cassandra Clare is one of my favourite writers and I adore the Shadowhunter world that she has created. Lady Midnight is the first in the Dark Artifices series and follows the life of Emma Carstairs and Julian Blackthorn who were introduced in the Mortal Instruments series.

4. Passenger - Alexandra Bracken This book has been so hyped up by the BookTube and Bookstagram community so I'm hoping it is good but it does have a 4.7 star rating on the Waterstones website so I'm kind of expecting good things.  This book has time travel in it which I love as well as a case of miss identity and I can't wait to find out what happens.

There you go these are the books at my top of my TBR list. What are you currently reading are you getting through your TBR list?


Monday, 12 September 2016

What I Ticked Off My Summer Bucket List

Hey Guys,

Back in July I shared with you my Summer 2016 bucket list and today I thought I would share what I actually ticked off as that's me finally moved back to Glasgow and back to classes. I'm quite please to be honest because a lot of things got ticked off but not all which doesn't bother me too much! If you want to see what my full Bucket List looked like then you can go have a read here.

1. Go on a road trip - I went on a road trip with my friends Sean and Cambeul in July up to Oban to pick up ferry tickets. It was such good fun but also extremely eventful! We had a stop off in Inverary where we had food at The George before heading to Oban. We were hardly there if I'm honest because picking up the tickets took like 5 minutes but when we were about to go home the car broke down and we had to wait for Triple A to come pick us up as the car had to be towed all the way home we definitiely had a story to tell our parents that night!

Friday, 9 September 2016

What I Loved In August

Hey Guys,

I'm back with another favourites post and not going to lie they are extremely random! I am not obsessed with makeup and products so they hardly come into it but I do have a few!


First off it's the youtuber Will Darbyshire's book, This Modern Love which is basically love letters written mostly by his readers about their crushes, being in love and of course the break up! I just thought that this book was such an unique idea and was a very cute read. You could find yourself constantly relating to it. Everyone's must have coffee table book in my opinion.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Lazy Blogging: What Is It?

Hey Guys!

This month I am going to try and attempt the Lazy Blogging September Challenge which is a  challenge which trys to help bloggers that are quite lazy like me to get into a better blogging schedule!

Lazy Blogging is a twitter account which was set up last month by 3 bloggers; JessKatie and Ella and throughout August between the three of them they published a blog post every single day! You guys should definitely all check out their blogs as they are all so good.

As well as the girls running the Lazy Blogging twitter account you can follow it here they also ran a #TwitterChat on a Friday from 7pm till 8pm and it has quickly become one of my favourites! There is such a nice community feel from the chat as a lot of the same bloggers have been taking part. This chat will be continuing in September and if you run a blog you 100% should come and join in the fun!

Now back to the challenge! It's a challenge to push bloggers into blogging everyday but by taking it in little steps so each week you do a little more work. So week 1 you do two posts (this week) one explaining Lazy Blogging (this post for me) and then another post on any other topic. Week 2 you publish three posts on any genre. Week 3 it's 4 posts on anything you want. Finally Week 4 it's 5 posts! Again on any kind of topic. If that doesn't make sense then here is a photo explaining it!

I love how this challenge goes up in stages and is a little more realistic compared to the let's blog everyday for a month ones as you jump right into the deep end with those ones I feel! I'm going to try my best at this challenge and fingers crossed I complete it but I'm not saying anything as it is also my first month back living up in Glasgow and being back at classes since June so please bare with me!

Currently I have zero schedule for these posts even though I roughly know what every post will be! What I do know is that the posts probably won't be published at the weekend but who really knows!

I really urge you guys to come join me in this challenge and if you do don't forget to tag the @LazyBlogging twitter as well as the hashtag #LazyBlogging with your post for it to be shared by the girls so other bloggers taking part can easily find your posts!

If you are taking part in the Lazy Blogging Challenge then leave me your links below!


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I Went To The Edinburgh Fringe

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I travelled up to Edinburgh to visit my friend Sean as well as see what all this fuss surrounding the Fringe was as I have never been! For people who don't know the Edinburgh Fringe is the world's largest Arts festival which runs throughout the month of August and features so many different things like comedy and theatre.

 After taking a quick lunch stop at Costa (where I got my lunch for free because I had so many Costa Clubcard points which made me very happy!) we headed to the Royal Mile to see what kind of street acts were going on. The Mile was packed with tourists like it usually always is but more so than normal!

Thursday, 18 August 2016

All The Bright Places - Book Review

Hey Guys,

I'm back with another book review! I know it's been ages but I haven't fallen in love with a book like I have with this one in so long!

Not going to lie I put off reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven for so long as there was so much hype around how good it was and I didn't want to be disappointed but I'm so glad that I finally decided to read it this summer!

For those of you that I haven't read the book yet don't worry I plan to not put any spoilers in this post. It is just my thoughts and feelings surrounding the book.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Student Halls | My Experience

Hey Guys,

September is fast approaching and I'm sure many of you will be heading to uni and that means staying in halls. As I'm about to start my second year at college it means that I have already experienced halls and thought that today I would right a blog post that maybe answers some of your fears as well as giving you guys an idea on what to expect! If you still have questions then feel free to comment down below or tweet me @catriona_lauder and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Also I have like zero photos of my room the only ones are from when I first move in and aren't great so sorry!

Before going into halls I didn't have much information on my flatmates, how many there was going to be in the flat or what the flat layout situation was going to be like all I knew was my move in day and that's it! I was extremely nervous about halls but also excited and even though it did take a bit of getting used to as it is a whole different lifestyle with a bunch of people that you've never met but remember these people are going through the exact same thing as you!

Friday, 5 August 2016

My Skincare Routine

Hey Guys,

I really struggled with my skin through out High School and if you want me to go into detail about it I can in a different post but today I'm going to speak about what I do to keep it at bay as I have finally found a routine that works and now feel confident with my skin!

Hopefully you find this post useful and if you have any questions then just let me know in the comments!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Instagram Diary | April - July

Hey Guys!

Today I thought I would show you what is happening over on my Instagram. I used to post all the time it feels like but now I don't post as much, that's why this diary is over so many months! If you want to follow my Instagram you can on catriona_lauder say hi in the comments if you do.

So here is my most recent Instagram Diary...

Ferry Home Short Hair Ice Cream On The Beach Who Doesn't Love A Selfie 
Glasgow Sunset Lewis Watson Live Pretty Sky At Home Fatherson Live 
♥ Last Photo From Halls Window Snapchat Filter Family Bonding Another Glasgow Sunset
 Tiree Music Festival With The Squad 

A lot of cool things have been happening in my life as you can see from the photos. I'm also quite partial to posting a pretty sunset a lot of the time (not ashamed in the slightest). What have you been posting on Instagram? Let me know!


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mental Health Update

AHey Guys,

Someone contacted me recently asking about my mental health as I've previously spoken about it but not in a long while and they were wondering how I was doing now that I was living in a city for most of year.

I did reply back with an answer but it got me thinking and thought I would make a full blog post about it to show that as time has gone on I'm finally getting better or definitely learning how to manage it.


Before I moved to Glasgow I had noticed a big difference anyway in my daily life while at home with my family but as always when you suffer with mental health you still have the occasional bad days and on these bad days I would constantly worry that as soon as I was living on my own I wouldn't be able to push through these bad days as my Mum and Dad certainly help me do that to an extent.

Once I was in Glasgow I still had these fears that everything would get bad again and my anxiety did relapse a bit to begin with but I think this was because my life was so different to before and it was just all part of me adjusting! In the beginning I went home nearly every weekend as this helped me calm down a bit from the busy city life I was now living and loved coming back home to the view and sounds of the calming sea.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

What I Loved In June

Hey Guys,

Yeah I'm a basic blogger doing her monthly favourites but honestly I love these kind of posts as it is a great way to find something new. So I'm writing it so deal with it haha.

Now as you guys know I'm not really into the whole makeup thing so they will be mostly randoms which I think make it a bit more interesting!

Soap And Glory Supercat Black Eyeliner - My go to makeup look is 100% red lips with your cat eye flicks and out of all the various eyeliners I have used the Soap And Glory Supercat is by far the best as it doesn't dry out easily and gives a very black line which I love. I've repurchased this for the third time now and is definitely now going to be a classic product for me! 

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick In The Shade 38 - This is the first nude tone I've used on my lips because I'm not super keen on them but once I started using this shade which is a natural beige tone I've loved it and definitely looking into a darker nude! This lipstick is easy to apply and doesn't dry out your lips. It's got a slight sheen to it but not too much.

Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo - Honestly I love all of Batiste's dry shampoo but this scent is my favourite! It is a light breezy scent which I like because it isn't too strong and it does exactly what dry shampoo is supposed to do!

Love Island - If Love Island hasn't been one of your June favourites this month then you have got to be lying to yourself I mean I have been totally glued to my TV for the whole of June since it is on 6 nights of the week. It is just such an addictive show that you just can't wait to find out what happens next. My favourite girl I think is Olivia I think she just seems so down to earth and chilled.

Suits - Another TV favourite of mine from the month of June was Suits. I'm actually on the most recent season at the moment and I am still loving it. You guys should definitely look it up. It is about this law firm in New York where one of their new junior associates has never actually been to law school. 

Going To The Gym - Usually I'm a complete couch potatoe but I have been really going to the gym more than I usually do I think it is because I am finally starting to see some progress! I've been going 3 times a week since about October, November time and I have now gone down not just one but two dress sizes which has definitely boosted my confidence a bit.

These are just a few things that I have loved in June. What did you love?


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Summer Bucket List 2016

Well hi...

It's been a while I know, definitely need to get back into a better routine wit my blog as I love it but I just haven't made the time to do it! But for now I'm back and it's summer! So I thought what better thing to share with you guys than my summer bucket list!

I've ticked off a few of these already which I'm super happy about and fingers crossed I can tick them all off but knowing me that is very unlikely! Summer is all about having fun wit your friends and just enojoying life only bad thing is I live in Scotland so it is probably going to rain for most of it but just means I need to take advantage of those sunny summer days!

  1. Have a barbecue - I honestly feel like this is a must on everyone's summer bucket list because what is more summery than getting all your friends together and having a barbecue? The smell alone makes me think of summer.
     2. Go on a road trip - Now I've actually ticked this one off! A few of my friends went on a drive               up to Oban and it was a bit of a disaster as we did breakdown and had to be towed all the way             home but it certainly was an adventure!

    3. Have a movie night with the girls - A few years ago at Christmas time my friends and I arranged        a secret santa and to exchange the gifts we arranged a movie night which was so fun and I really          want to have another with them soon as it is something a bit different from normal.

   4. Go on a bike ride - I feel like this one will be easy to tick off. There's nothing more relaxing than       going on a bike ride plus there are tons of places for me to go where I live so there shouldn't be           anything stopping me from hopping on my bike!

  5. Swim in the sea - Now this is weather dependant but from where I live it's super easy to tick off! I       don't know if it will be hot enough to actually full on swim but certainly a wee paddle will count.

  6. Go to Loch Lomand - I feel like this is a 'must do' trip for everyone in Scotland because it is such       a picturesque spot and this summer I've already ticked it off my list! There's so much to do there        with going to the sea life centre, looking at the shops, renting bikes and even renting pedalos!

  7. Enjoy a night out with my friends - Again another thing ticked off! Sometimes with my anxiety I         really struggle to enjoy nights out back home and I don't really know why but it way harder than a       night out in Glasgow! But last weekend I had one of my all time favourite nights out with all my         friends!

 8. Go camping - This is another thing that you should just try to do in the summer as it's a bit                  different and it can actually be fun to be disconnected from the digital world!

 9. Have a bonfire - Like with going camping, having a bonfire just feels like a summer 'must do'.

10. Take pictures in a photo booth - I've never done this except for passport photos and it just looks so       much fun so this summer I'm going to make it happen!

11. Bake cookies - I feel like I don't bake enough so this summer I'm going to try and bake at least             something because I do really enjoy it and find it dead relaxing!

12. Make a fort - Childish I know, but who doesn't love building forts and then spending all day in             them?! Perfect for a rainy summers day.

13. See a live band - Seeing live music as a whole has been a new years resolution for me and I want         to continue seeing live music this summer!

14. Have a spa night - I feel it's important to take time for yourself to relax and what better way than a       spa night. To make iy even better I might get my friends round and it will be one huge spa night!

15. Make handmade cocktails - Who doesn't love cocktails?! I mean they taste so good and do get             you quite drunk... So I want to try a bunch of handmade recipes that I have seen all over                       Facebook recently!

That is my summer bucket list! Do you want to do any of the same things as me or have you got other things let me know! Let's pray that this summer will actually be sunny for once!


Monday, 25 April 2016

Wagamama | First Try

I've had this post done for ages. I've just been so busy with classes starting back that I haven't had time to go over it and check it is all okay, so I do apologise!

Over the spring break, hate calling it that as it sounds dead American, I travelled back home to spend time with my family and friends to totally chill and disconnect from my new city life as it was getting a bit too much for me anxiety wise. After a week of this I will admit I was starting to miss it so my bestfriend, Kirsty, and I decided we'd go back to Glasgow and meet up for some lunch and that's what we did.

Kirsty and I don't go out for lunch often as we are taking seperate classes at different campuses but we see each other everyday as we live in the same halls, because of this we decided we go somewhere a bit 'special' instead of the usual KFC... We walked up Buchanan street discussing where we could go and what we felt like and we couldn't decided. We ended up at a place called Bread Meets Bread but it was going to be a 25 minute wait and seeing as we couldn't be bothered we went somewhere else and I'm honestly so glad because we ended up at Wagamama.

The Glasgow branch is on West George Street and is huge! I don't know if all Wagamma are that big but there you go. We got seated pretty quickly and the first thing I noticed was that we were sitting beside complete strangers. On one side was two women on their lunch break who sat and talked about their boss the whole time and on the other side was a father and daughter. This was dead weird and I'm really bad for sitting and listening in to other people's conversation and was dead conscious that they were listening to mine and Kirsty's one!

Everything on the menu looked amazing and the smell in the place was incredible. Kirsty and I took ages in decided what we wanted. Lots of people had these big bowl things and we discovered that these were ramen dishes. That's what I decided to go with and got the Wagamama Ramen which is
grilled chicken, barbecued pork, prawns, chikuwa and mussels in a miso, ginger and chicken noodle soup topped with half a tea-stained egg, menma and spring onions. It tasted amazing and smelt amazing. I honestly can't praise it enough! I'm really glad that I chose that but it was dead filling and really interesting to eat what with all the different things in it.

Kirsty is just as bad at making decisions as I am but in the end she went with what the man beside her was eating, Yaki Soba which is soba noodles with chicken and prawn, egg, peppers, beansprouts, white and spring onions garnished with fried shallots, pickled ginger and sesame seeds. This was a Teppanyaki dish which  is effectively a sort of stir fry. When ordering the women told us that this was the stores most popular dish. Kirsty said it was so good and I definitely want to try it after seeing and smelling it!

It took us ages to decided what we wanted to eat because everything looked so good on the menu as well as it all looking so foreign. When it was our time to order we hadn't even looked at drinks but our server suggested their fresh juices and it was such a good suggestion! I got the Fruit Juice which had apple, and passion fruit in it and Kirsty got the Blueberry Spice Juice which was blueberry, apple carrot with a spice of ginger. We both had a try of each other's and they were so tasty! 

We didn't plan to get any side orders and in hindsight we probably didn't need them what with their main dishes being so filling but we did get them! Kirsty got Duck Gyoza which is duck dumplings with a dipping sauce and I got Chilli Squid which is pretty self explanatory. In the end we shared the two sides and they were both so tasty! The Chilli Squid was super spicy so maybe avoid that if you aren't so keen on spicy food!

Our time at Wagamama was really good if not a bit strange at times. Why you may ask well we noticed everything we ordered a number would be written on the place mat it took us ages to notice that all of the dishes were numbered so if you claimed they had brought the wrong food then they had proof they didn't! Another strange thing was that the food came as soon as it was ready like my main dish came before any of the sides or Kirsty's main dish. I felt a bit awkward with my dish and Kirsty not with her's so I didn't start until we both had them.

Wagamama describe their food as; fresh, lively food (with soul) and I couldn't agree more! I can't wait to go back and try more of their menu! It you haven't gone then I really recommend you do!


Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Short Hair Don't Care Or Do I?

Recently I got my hair cut, by recently I mean Thursday and I will admit it has taken a bit of getting used to! Why? You may ask well because I got it cut short and not my normal length short but even shorter!

When I think about it I realise that I have pretty much been getting the same hair cut since I was in primary 4 which means I was 8 and I am now 19... It was shoulder length maybe a little longer if I was being "brave" with a side parting going to the left side. I would then grow it out till it was just passed my boobs and then I'd do it all again.

This has been my hair routine for 11 years and it's never changed I guess it was because it was what I was used to and also really easy to handle. Why change a good thing eh?

But that's the thing I had been wanting a change for ages now. If you know me then you know that I have been saying since November that I needed a haircut and back then I was like I think I want it short. There was even a very small moment of time when I wanted it purple, luckily that idea didn't last long!

Finally I went and booked my appointment and while I was sitting in the chair I was like screw it cut it short and that's exactly what happened... Now while the hairdresser was cutting it I was totally freaking out internally but it wasn't until it was all done that it hit me. I hated it and totally regretted getting it so short.

I paid and as I walked along the street going to meet my Mum I totally felt like crying I just felt like it wasn't me at all... A bunch of my friends were all saying it looked great and it took a while for me to actually realise it wasn't as bad as I thought plus hair grows!

It has now been a few days since it's been cut and I totally don't hate it now! I mean I'm not totally in love with it either but I do like it now. I've realised it was the middle parting she gave me is what makes me not so keen but I actually like it short.

Going to the gym on the other hand is a bit difficult as it doesn't sit in a ponytail well and constantly gets in my face but I'm just going to have to deal with it.

The annoying thing is that it is a lot harder to manage than my long hair because I could leave it to dry and it would be fine but now I really need to use a hairdryer or it goes all flicky.

Other than that I love all the different styles I can do with it as well as whipping my hair back and forth (remember that song?!).

Hopefully as time goes on I love it more and more! Plus hair does grow so it's not the end of the world.

Have you ever had a hair cut you didn't really like?

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What A Difference A Break Can Make

Well Hi...

It feels surprisingly natural me sitting at my laptop with a cup of tea about to write a blog post even though I haven't done it in more than 8 months! I know I didn't realise it had been that long but it has and honestly I'm glad I took that break from blogging because I needed it.

A lot has changed in those 8 months I mean I've moved out. I now live in Glasgow in student halls where I have made some of the most amazing friends! City life has changed me I'm a lot more independent and kind of loving it! Maybe I haven't got the whole healthy cooking thing down but I'm trying my best.

My mental health is kind of doing amazing. Of course I have bad days where I really struggle but I can now go weeks without having a panic attack which is mental as there was a time where I was panicking 8 times a day... I now know that life gets better and you aren't going to be struggling forever and it does get better!

Due to my mental health being manageable it means my education is no longer suffering and I can actually make it to my classes. A blog post from about a year ago spoke about my plans which was to go study radio at City Of Glasgow College which is what I went and did and oh my god I'm loving it! I have learnt so much, met some amazing people and improved my radio production skills! I actually only have 9 weeks of my course left and it makes me so sad!

In general, I'm just in such a happier, better place in life and I guess that is why I feel like it's about time I get back to blogging because I've missed it and hopefully I can actually stick to a schedule even though I have no idea what it will be yet!

So if you are reading this I guess thanks for waiting for me to be ready hopefully me being all inspired will last!