Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Instagram Diary | April - July

Hey Guys!

Today I thought I would show you what is happening over on my Instagram. I used to post all the time it feels like but now I don't post as much, that's why this diary is over so many months! If you want to follow my Instagram you can on catriona_lauder say hi in the comments if you do.

So here is my most recent Instagram Diary...

Ferry Home Short Hair Ice Cream On The Beach Who Doesn't Love A Selfie 
Glasgow Sunset Lewis Watson Live Pretty Sky At Home Fatherson Live 
♥ Last Photo From Halls Window Snapchat Filter Family Bonding Another Glasgow Sunset
 Tiree Music Festival With The Squad 

A lot of cool things have been happening in my life as you can see from the photos. I'm also quite partial to posting a pretty sunset a lot of the time (not ashamed in the slightest). What have you been posting on Instagram? Let me know!


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Mental Health Update

AHey Guys,

Someone contacted me recently asking about my mental health as I've previously spoken about it but not in a long while and they were wondering how I was doing now that I was living in a city for most of year.

I did reply back with an answer but it got me thinking and thought I would make a full blog post about it to show that as time has gone on I'm finally getting better or definitely learning how to manage it.


Before I moved to Glasgow I had noticed a big difference anyway in my daily life while at home with my family but as always when you suffer with mental health you still have the occasional bad days and on these bad days I would constantly worry that as soon as I was living on my own I wouldn't be able to push through these bad days as my Mum and Dad certainly help me do that to an extent.

Once I was in Glasgow I still had these fears that everything would get bad again and my anxiety did relapse a bit to begin with but I think this was because my life was so different to before and it was just all part of me adjusting! In the beginning I went home nearly every weekend as this helped me calm down a bit from the busy city life I was now living and loved coming back home to the view and sounds of the calming sea.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

What I Loved In June

Hey Guys,

Yeah I'm a basic blogger doing her monthly favourites but honestly I love these kind of posts as it is a great way to find something new. So I'm writing it so deal with it haha.

Now as you guys know I'm not really into the whole makeup thing so they will be mostly randoms which I think make it a bit more interesting!

Soap And Glory Supercat Black Eyeliner - My go to makeup look is 100% red lips with your cat eye flicks and out of all the various eyeliners I have used the Soap And Glory Supercat is by far the best as it doesn't dry out easily and gives a very black line which I love. I've repurchased this for the third time now and is definitely now going to be a classic product for me! 

Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick In The Shade 38 - This is the first nude tone I've used on my lips because I'm not super keen on them but once I started using this shade which is a natural beige tone I've loved it and definitely looking into a darker nude! This lipstick is easy to apply and doesn't dry out your lips. It's got a slight sheen to it but not too much.

Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo - Honestly I love all of Batiste's dry shampoo but this scent is my favourite! It is a light breezy scent which I like because it isn't too strong and it does exactly what dry shampoo is supposed to do!

Love Island - If Love Island hasn't been one of your June favourites this month then you have got to be lying to yourself I mean I have been totally glued to my TV for the whole of June since it is on 6 nights of the week. It is just such an addictive show that you just can't wait to find out what happens next. My favourite girl I think is Olivia I think she just seems so down to earth and chilled.

Suits - Another TV favourite of mine from the month of June was Suits. I'm actually on the most recent season at the moment and I am still loving it. You guys should definitely look it up. It is about this law firm in New York where one of their new junior associates has never actually been to law school. 

Going To The Gym - Usually I'm a complete couch potatoe but I have been really going to the gym more than I usually do I think it is because I am finally starting to see some progress! I've been going 3 times a week since about October, November time and I have now gone down not just one but two dress sizes which has definitely boosted my confidence a bit.

These are just a few things that I have loved in June. What did you love?


Tuesday, 5 July 2016

My Summer Bucket List 2016

Well hi...

It's been a while I know, definitely need to get back into a better routine wit my blog as I love it but I just haven't made the time to do it! But for now I'm back and it's summer! So I thought what better thing to share with you guys than my summer bucket list!

I've ticked off a few of these already which I'm super happy about and fingers crossed I can tick them all off but knowing me that is very unlikely! Summer is all about having fun wit your friends and just enojoying life only bad thing is I live in Scotland so it is probably going to rain for most of it but just means I need to take advantage of those sunny summer days!

  1. Have a barbecue - I honestly feel like this is a must on everyone's summer bucket list because what is more summery than getting all your friends together and having a barbecue? The smell alone makes me think of summer.
     2. Go on a road trip - Now I've actually ticked this one off! A few of my friends went on a drive               up to Oban and it was a bit of a disaster as we did breakdown and had to be towed all the way             home but it certainly was an adventure!

    3. Have a movie night with the girls - A few years ago at Christmas time my friends and I arranged        a secret santa and to exchange the gifts we arranged a movie night which was so fun and I really          want to have another with them soon as it is something a bit different from normal.

   4. Go on a bike ride - I feel like this one will be easy to tick off. There's nothing more relaxing than       going on a bike ride plus there are tons of places for me to go where I live so there shouldn't be           anything stopping me from hopping on my bike!

  5. Swim in the sea - Now this is weather dependant but from where I live it's super easy to tick off! I       don't know if it will be hot enough to actually full on swim but certainly a wee paddle will count.

  6. Go to Loch Lomand - I feel like this is a 'must do' trip for everyone in Scotland because it is such       a picturesque spot and this summer I've already ticked it off my list! There's so much to do there        with going to the sea life centre, looking at the shops, renting bikes and even renting pedalos!

  7. Enjoy a night out with my friends - Again another thing ticked off! Sometimes with my anxiety I         really struggle to enjoy nights out back home and I don't really know why but it way harder than a       night out in Glasgow! But last weekend I had one of my all time favourite nights out with all my         friends!

 8. Go camping - This is another thing that you should just try to do in the summer as it's a bit                  different and it can actually be fun to be disconnected from the digital world!

 9. Have a bonfire - Like with going camping, having a bonfire just feels like a summer 'must do'.

10. Take pictures in a photo booth - I've never done this except for passport photos and it just looks so       much fun so this summer I'm going to make it happen!

11. Bake cookies - I feel like I don't bake enough so this summer I'm going to try and bake at least             something because I do really enjoy it and find it dead relaxing!

12. Make a fort - Childish I know, but who doesn't love building forts and then spending all day in             them?! Perfect for a rainy summers day.

13. See a live band - Seeing live music as a whole has been a new years resolution for me and I want         to continue seeing live music this summer!

14. Have a spa night - I feel it's important to take time for yourself to relax and what better way than a       spa night. To make iy even better I might get my friends round and it will be one huge spa night!

15. Make handmade cocktails - Who doesn't love cocktails?! I mean they taste so good and do get             you quite drunk... So I want to try a bunch of handmade recipes that I have seen all over                       Facebook recently!

That is my summer bucket list! Do you want to do any of the same things as me or have you got other things let me know! Let's pray that this summer will actually be sunny for once!