Tuesday, 30 August 2016

I Went To The Edinburgh Fringe

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I travelled up to Edinburgh to visit my friend Sean as well as see what all this fuss surrounding the Fringe was as I have never been! For people who don't know the Edinburgh Fringe is the world's largest Arts festival which runs throughout the month of August and features so many different things like comedy and theatre.

 After taking a quick lunch stop at Costa (where I got my lunch for free because I had so many Costa Clubcard points which made me very happy!) we headed to the Royal Mile to see what kind of street acts were going on. The Mile was packed with tourists like it usually always is but more so than normal!

Honestly the large proportion of them weren't great! Sean couldn't believe it he had brought so many friends to the Fringe throughout August and this was the first time he was disappointed! We walked up and down the Mile for a bit before finally we saw some cool things! We saw three people promote their musical called The Miserables which was a modern day version of Les Miserable and they were really funny! We also seen a guy play the saw and a very impressive man unicycle on a really really high one!

We ended up seeing tons of cool and individual things but of course you had the men with the fire and the sharp juggling objects! We had tickets to the Tattoo but that didn't start till half 10 so we had ages to still do whatever so we ended up getting food as the poor students that we are we ended up at Wetherspoons but the food is always so good there so I'm not complaining!

Finally it was time for the Edinburgh Tattoo and it was amazing! It is so interesting and impressive to see all the marching in time and the dancing. I was very very impressed. Of course if you aren't that into Pipe Band music then it might not be so interesting but I loved it! People from all over the world take part in the Tattoo including people from New Zealand, who played Lord Of The Rings, America, who were all singing and dancing, and finally Norway, who's soldiers with their gun show was so clever and in time! At the end there was even a David Bowie tribute with fireworks! My friend Courtney was one of the dancers so every time  they were on we would always be on the hunt to find her!

I had a great time at the Tattoo! Yes, Sean and I were probably some of the youngest people there but that seems to be a thing that happens when we hang out! The Tattoo finished at half 12 and we then hit the pubs we ended up in this cool pub called the Three Sisters which had a great beer garden and then we went to the infamous Edinburgh club called Hive which isn't the best club I've been to but when it is open till 5am I am not complaining!

Have any of you guys been to the Edinburgh Fringe? If so what did you go see?