Monday, 5 September 2016

Lazy Blogging: What Is It?

Hey Guys!

This month I am going to try and attempt the Lazy Blogging September Challenge which is a  challenge which trys to help bloggers that are quite lazy like me to get into a better blogging schedule!

Lazy Blogging is a twitter account which was set up last month by 3 bloggers; JessKatie and Ella and throughout August between the three of them they published a blog post every single day! You guys should definitely all check out their blogs as they are all so good.

As well as the girls running the Lazy Blogging twitter account you can follow it here they also ran a #TwitterChat on a Friday from 7pm till 8pm and it has quickly become one of my favourites! There is such a nice community feel from the chat as a lot of the same bloggers have been taking part. This chat will be continuing in September and if you run a blog you 100% should come and join in the fun!

Now back to the challenge! It's a challenge to push bloggers into blogging everyday but by taking it in little steps so each week you do a little more work. So week 1 you do two posts (this week) one explaining Lazy Blogging (this post for me) and then another post on any other topic. Week 2 you publish three posts on any genre. Week 3 it's 4 posts on anything you want. Finally Week 4 it's 5 posts! Again on any kind of topic. If that doesn't make sense then here is a photo explaining it!

I love how this challenge goes up in stages and is a little more realistic compared to the let's blog everyday for a month ones as you jump right into the deep end with those ones I feel! I'm going to try my best at this challenge and fingers crossed I complete it but I'm not saying anything as it is also my first month back living up in Glasgow and being back at classes since June so please bare with me!

Currently I have zero schedule for these posts even though I roughly know what every post will be! What I do know is that the posts probably won't be published at the weekend but who really knows!

I really urge you guys to come join me in this challenge and if you do don't forget to tag the @LazyBlogging twitter as well as the hashtag #LazyBlogging with your post for it to be shared by the girls so other bloggers taking part can easily find your posts!

If you are taking part in the Lazy Blogging Challenge then leave me your links below!