Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Money Saving Food Tips

Hey Guys,

Recently in class I was creating a magazine radio show about Freshers Week and I also did a feature on my money saving tips when it comes to food shopping and I thought why not bring it to me blog as some of you might find this useful.

I use a large proportion of these and they do work! As a student shopping for one gets expenisive but following these tips help with that. I'm no expert this is just what I learned from research and tried and tested so here we go!

My first tip is meal plan, meal plan meal plan! It may be really boring task to do but it will save you so much money as it saves you from accidentally doubling up on items as well as buying everything in sight! If you meal plan you will be able to make a double batch of a meal and you can either freeze the second one for another dinner or keep it in the fridge for lunch the next day! I do this one and it seriously works feel so prepared when it comes to my meals!

If you shop later in the day after 6pm to be exact this is when the supermarkets start to discount their food item prices which are about to go out of date. You can use these items that night for your dinner or even freeze them, if it is suitable to freeze them, while they are still fresh for another day.

Take part in the supermarket taste test and buy the supermarket own brand items instead of your favourites like McVities or Heinz. For example if it has to be Heinz when it comes to you then a Tesco tin of Heinz Baked Beans costs 68p for a 415g tin whereas Tesco's Everyday Value tin costs 24p for 420g saving you 44p! Most of the time it is actually the packaging and brand that you are paying for and not actually better quality food so definitely try these saver items and see it you can actually taste the difference.

'Best Before Dates' are actually a guide as it is about food quality and not food safety unlike 'Use By Dates' which is when food can be harmful. 'Best Before Dates' mean the food isn't harmful to your body if you eat it afterwards as it is about quality meaning that after that date the food might of changed texture and flavour slightly. So remember to look at the dates and always do the smell test to see if you think it's safe or not because it still could be ok!

Finally remember to treat yo self! Eating healthy is great and all but we all love a bar of chocolate every now and again! While writing  a shopping list don't just stick to items for your meals remember snacks as we could all use some study motivation. I love the write a paragraph eat a biscuit one myself!

Do you guys have any good money saving food tips? Then let me know in the comments below or tweet me @catriona_lauder