Monday, 12 September 2016

What I Ticked Off My Summer Bucket List

Hey Guys,

Back in July I shared with you my Summer 2016 bucket list and today I thought I would share what I actually ticked off as that's me finally moved back to Glasgow and back to classes. I'm quite please to be honest because a lot of things got ticked off but not all which doesn't bother me too much! If you want to see what my full Bucket List looked like then you can go have a read here.

1. Go on a road trip - I went on a road trip with my friends Sean and Cambeul in July up to Oban to pick up ferry tickets. It was such good fun but also extremely eventful! We had a stop off in Inverary where we had food at The George before heading to Oban. We were hardly there if I'm honest because picking up the tickets took like 5 minutes but when we were about to go home the car broke down and we had to wait for Triple A to come pick us up as the car had to be towed all the way home we definitiely had a story to tell our parents that night!

2. Have a movie night with the girls - This happened more than once and it was so good! I mean what doesn't scream girly night in when disney films, chinese take out and gossiping is involved?!

3. Swim in the sea - Now I didn't full on swim but I did paddle while I was in Tiree on Scaranish beach. Safe to say the water was freezing but it was also extremely cooling as it was roasting!

4. Go to Loch Lomand - This was the first thing that I ticked off I travelled to Loch Lomand with Kate and Kirsty. WE had lunch and even rented out a paddle boat. Definitely a must do trip for all people who live near Glasgow!

5. Enjoy a nightout whiule back home -A lot of my nights out back home made me feel quite anxious or just a bit out of place but I finally enjoy them now! The beginning of me enjoying them was my friend Courtney's 19th birthday. All I'm going to say is drinking games galore!

6. Go camping - Again this was another thing that go ticked off in Tiree as while at the music festival we camped. My tent became the drinking tent as it was the biggest so when the weather wasn't great everryojne crammed into my tent for cans of cider.

7. Take pictures in a photo booth - While in Glasgow one day with my friend Kirsty we were just looking around the shops and in Urban Outfitters they have a photo booth and since we were having a cute wee day out we thought we would take pictures in it to commemorate it. I love the pictures so much I think they are so cute.

8. Try New Food - This summer I tried olives which when I was younger I wasn't exactly keen on but oh my god do I have an appreciation for them now honestly so good.

9. See a live band - Another that I ticked off in Tiree! Honestly that weekend was were I ticked most of these off! Obviously as it was a music festival I was seeing live music for 3 days straight! I also saw some live music during the last weekend in August at the Cowal Highland Gathering Ceilidh Tent. 

10. Have a spa night - This was supposed to happen with my friends but it ended up happening with just me. I had a bath with a bath bomb as well as a face mask and candles and it was honestly so relaxing. Really need to do these more often.

11. Make handmade cocktails - Finally my last one was making handmade cocktails again this was an experiment that happened in my tent which happened on Tiree. We made venoms and they were super tasty. I think Venoms is quite a Glasgow thing so if you want to know what it is it's; vodka, southern comfort, blue wicked and orange juice. Don't have too many though as they get you quite drunk speaking from experience here!

So overall out of the 15 things I had on my list at the start of the summer I ticked off 11 which doesn't seem to bad to me! Did you tick many things off of your bucket list this summer?