Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Girls Night | Photo Diary


At the weekend my best friend Kirsty came to visit me and we had a girls night and I thought I would share all the photos as I think they are cute. Honestly this post is just for me to come and just be reminded of a great weekend.

First up was a wee catch-up over dinner! We headed to Zizzi's as we knew we would find something we would love! I got the seafood risotto and Kirsty's was a red pesto dish. We also got one of the special autumnal cocktails it involved passion fruit, vodka and prosecco.!


After heading back to my flat to get ready over Taylor Swift and prosecco we just HAD to take some Snapchat filter selfies.


When it was time to hit the town we felt that a lift selfie was very needed!


Again more cocktails... We headed to a bar called The Social in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow. There was so many different cocktails to choose from but we went with one called The Solero.


I didn't get many photos in the club, we went to The Shimmy again in Royal Exchange Square as we hadn't been before. It was a good club very booth orientated with a good sized dance floor. There was only one room which I'm not fond on but it was still great. Here's one of the club photos we got.

Finally the night ended up a drunk KFC obvs... But I didn't get a photo (sorry was drunk and forgot) but on Sunday we did get an almighty scran from Dominos!


That was my girls night on Saturday. Do yours look similar?