Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Halloween Costumes For A Student Budget | Under £20


Halloween is always just a really stressful time of the year for me. I mean you have to actually decide what you want to be which I can never do, order your costume which never seems to fit me or ever look right and then organise plans for what you are actually doing which I always leave till last minute.

In fact Halloween is always a last minute affair for me and well this year I am changing that! I've been on the hunt for a good costume since the 1st I even ordered one and it looked awful so was sent back so I'm now back on the hint for a costume that looks good and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I'm on a student budget after all so all of these costumes are £20 and less!

Here is a few costumes I have seen while scrolling and scrolling through the internet in both the 'sexy' and 'scary' categories as that is always a girls dilemma on what she is to wear!

Scary Costumes

  • Zombie Nurse £10.72 - Take a different spin on the sexy nurse costume and make it scary by being a zombie. Also this costume isn't too much on the sexy side so gets rid of the slutty nurse stereotype.
  • Skeleton Body Suit £15.99 - Another easy all in one costume but this time on the scary side. This is one of my favourite costumes it's just so easy to put together and looks great.
  • Zombie Ballerina £16.19 - Who didn't want to be  a ballerina when they were younger?  So why not go as a zombie one because Halloween is supposed to be about being all scary! 
  • Zombie School Girl £21.99 - Again just about the £20 mark but this costume looked too good not to include it! Can you tell I'm considering a zombie outfit this year?
  • A Cheerleader £11.95 - This costume is exactly scary right now but you can make it scary. Zombieify it by doing your make up all gory. As the costume is cheap spend the rest on the makeup! It also comes in a range of colours so another group costume idea for you and your friends?
  • A Skeleton Dress £5.99 - Being forced to go out with your friends? Just chuck on this really inexpensive dress and you'll look the part. Spooky but completely no effort made at all.

Not Scary Costumes

  • Leopard Print Body Suit £11.99 - What is better than an all in one costume I mean it's super easy! Plus this body suit looks great pair it with some ears and paint whiskers on your face and you are done!
  • Combat Girl £19.99 - A little bit on the sexy side but I think this costume is great! It is also a bit different I've never known someone to go as a combat girl before.
  • Little Red Riding Hood £12.99 - Everyone loves recreating costumes of their favourite characters from when they were young so why not try this one?
  • A Pirate £13.07 - Who doesn't want to go as a pirate? This costume looks great but actually covers everything in good moderation which is rare for female costumes.
  •  A Crayon £22.99 - Yes, I did just say a crayon. Now this is just over the £20 mark which was kind of not what I was planning but look how cute this is! It comes in a range of colours too so get all your gal pals together and do a group thing!
  • Pink Lady £10.99 - If you aren't really feeling going all out in your costume then just get a Pink Ladies jacket and through on an all black outfit on underneath easy.
That is just some of the few things you guys could go as for Halloween! There is such a huge range of costumes out there but fitting them in a price range is difficult.

What are you thinking of going as for Halloweeen?