Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How Did I Do In The Lazy Blogging Challenge?


Well I sucked at the Lazy Blogging Challenge. Why? You may ask I'm going to put it down to it being Freshers and me being back living in Glasgow and I just had so many other things going on that my blog became my last priority.

If you don't know what Lazy Blogging is as a whole then I did a full in detail post about what it is at the beginning of September which you can go over and have a read. Anyway I was taking part or trying to anyway in the September Challenge which was a way of gradually increasing how many posts you published a week.

I'll admit week 1 was fine. I was full of ideas and motivation for both the challenge and just felt a lot of love coming from my blog! Then I moved back to Glasgow and I had to try settle into a new surrounding of my flat (tour coming eventually), getting back into studying and also socialising with all of my friends I haven't seen since June!

This piled up but still week 2 I completed that weeks challenge with 3 posts going up; What I Ticked Off My Summer BucketlistMy Current 'To Be Read' List and 20 Before 20. I got a lot of love from those posts so thanks to everyone that commented! Then I realised that was all of the easy-ish posts done... Meaning I had to put more thought meaning more time into my next posts.

Week 3 I published 1/4 times! Now this was Freshers Week so the fact something even went up, my Money Saving Food Tips post, surprises me but I did it. This post was also quite out of my comfort zone and a venture into something I had never really done before. I actually really enjoyed it so will be doing posts more on that sort of line soon!

Finally week 4 where I picked it back up with 2/5 posts published. This was the second week of Freshers and I had a lot of shifts this week so my down time was just that me napping in my bed exhausted. But as I said 2 posts went up A Boots Haul and a Scottish Music Scene the first in a series post.

Overall I am happy with the content I published as I felt it was rushed. I would never post something just because I needed to post I like to feel proud of what goes on my little corner of the internet.

What did I learn from taking part in the September Challenge? Well anything more than 3 posts a week is pushing it. I just don't have enough time to juggle life, work, college and my blog to do that.

By the end of September I've gotten into a weird funk don't know why but it is slowly disappearing which hopefully means more blog inspo coming soon!

How did you do in the Lazy Blogging Challenge?