Monday, 24 October 2016

Rainy Days Are For Reading


There is nothing I love more than sitting inside on a rainy day curled up with a good book.

Being inside when it is blowing a gale and absolutely chucking it down outside there just isn't anything more cosy than sitting down on the couch wrapped up in a blanket or in your bed with your duvet and spending your time reading.


I think days like this are more acceptable during the autumn and winter months because who wants to be outside in the freezing cold?!

Personally I love to have a nice hot drink with me while I read. I am partial to a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows every now and again but my go to is tea and probably always will be. A pot of tea is always best as you can get more than one cup of tea out of it so you don't have to keep getting up to make one! A tea favourite of mine is Suki Tea which I'm sure a lot of you know if you have been reading my blog for a long time. There is so many flavours with the earl grey and blue flower one being my favourite.


I'm also one of those people that can read with music on in the background. The silence freaks me out I think. When I'm reading I usually listen to full albums rather than playlists. I love Lewis Watson, Bon Iver and The Fray especially. Classical music is also something I love listening to when reading especially on these cosy days.

Choosing a good book is probably always the hardest decision. Especially since my TBR list is constantly growing and new books becoming a higher priority. I did a post on my TBR which you can go have a nosy here if you like. Currently I am reading The Queen Of The Tearling by Erika Johansen. Which wasn't on my TBR list but I finished my other book while at home so didn't have those books. I would 100% recommend this to you guys it is so good so far.

What is your favourite thing to do on these rainy days?