Friday, 13 January 2017

My Dream Book Conference


So some explaining.. This post was all set up to be posted for ages but well then the bad weather came and if your a blogger you know blog photos just can't happen when the weather isn't great! Next thing it was Christmas and New Year and I didn't think it was appropriate to post this then so that's what I've waited for the new year for 2017!

Today I'm bringing you my dream book conference.

I teamed up with Eventbrite for this post to bring you my dream book conference! Eventbrite run loads of conferences and you can find ones in your area here -

Now I love all kinds of fiction; romance, drama, fantasy, historical and suspense so I couldn't just pick one genre! I then thought I'd love to hear Paula Hawkins talk the women who wrote The Girl On The Train as I've just finished reading it (highly recommend) and I have so many questions! But that got me thinking into what she thought about her movie so my dream book panel includes authors who's books have become movies and TV shows.

First off I'd love Paula Hawkins as previously said because damn that book was good! I had to wait for my copy till both my parents had read it and they both loved it too!

An obvious choice in my eyes was also J.K Rowling I mean come on her the movie adaptation of Harry Potter is absolutely huge probably even bigger than the books! I loved to hear about what the wizarding world was like in her eyes and if the big screen did it any justice.

John Green was another choice of mine. During the making of TFIOS we saw a lot of footage of him on set and he became such good pals with the cast and of course TFIOS kind of blew up I mean it's our generation's Notebook. It's such a difficult topic to cover cancer so that's what I'd love to hear him discuss as he did it in quite a non sad way.

Next is Cassandra Clare. Here series The Mortal Instruments had a move that kind of totally failed... but now has a huge TV show on Netflix so that would be such a cool perspective to get as she has had both movie and TV.

Diana Gabaldon is the genius behind historical fiction series Outlander and oh my god. So many questions so many questions! Obviously being Scottish I'd love to listen as to why she picked Scotland in that era of time and how she went about researching it all!

Finally one of my favourite books and films ever is If I Stay by Gayle Forman. I've read the book and watched the film a hundred times over so really I'd just love to meet her haha!

Those are my dream book panel members, Who are yours?
 Let me know!